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Everything You Need To Know About Grilling Outdoors

While grilling, add light oil on the meat and veggies, marinate properly to bring out all the flavors, give the grate a nice soak to clean properly.

Grilling in the backyard or outdoors with your friends and family is one of the most fun activities to do.

To fully enjoy it, you need to keep some facts in mind too. Aside from showing off the cooking skills, you also have the chance to be inventive. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of cooking a great meal and sharing it with others.

To make sure you have everything under control, you need to have the right tools and ingredients. It takes time to master the art of grilling and barbecuing.

Whether you’re just a beginner or have years of experience here are some top-notch tips to help you on your next outdoor grilling.

1.Safety Is Not Optional

You will be dealing with a lot of heat and flammable objects so safety is of course a priority.

So here are some dos and don’ts which we suggest you follow strictly.


  • During this time of Covid-19, always carry gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant sprays. Also, make sure that your friends and family members are aware of their safety measures too.
  • Be extra cautious while using propane tanks and charcoal.
  • Make sure to use the grill on a flat surface.
  • Carry one fire extinguisher or select a place near to a fire extinguisher.
  • Follow the operating instructions of any equipment. Especially the grills if you are a beginner
  • Double-check to see you have all the necessary equipment, ingredients, water, and dry foods.


  • Never spray flammable fluids near flames or hot coals carelessly.
  • Try not to keep propane tanks in a vehicle.
  • Keep your toddler, children, and pets away from all the harmful substances. Such as- hot grill, lighter, and smoker.

2. Choose The Right Place

Always look out for open space, a place where you have proper ventilation. Select a site away from residential areas and close to nature for the real outdoor experience.

Your normal grill might be large and if you are wondering how to get it to your grilling area, then getting a portable grill can be the solution.

Grilling outdoors is a great way of getting everyone out in the sun and just have a good time.

3. Know Your Equipment

Barbecuing is not an easy job. Especially if you do not have the right tools. There are separate tools for veggies, meat, your safety and not to mention for grilling. As for propane, you should prepare the fuel before your grilling session by ordering from Kelly Propane and Fuel, or a similar company in your area.

Here are some must-have equipment that everyone needs-

  • Knife
  • Propane/gas
  • Grill
  • Charcoal
  • Grilling basket
  • Thermometer
  • Aluminum pans
  • Brushes etc

One of the best camping grills on the market is the Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer. Visit Ultimate Grill Mate to view this and other great options to review.

4. Do Not Forget The Basics

It takes time to get the perfect smoky flavor and better taste and texture, You should start by following the basic and simple grilling guidelines. Some of the rules are-

  • Never become impatient. It takes a lot of time to grill well. The best result comes when you cook with patients.
  • You have to be attentive. If you do not keep your eyes on the grill, the meat might get burned, other hazards might occur too.
  • The more time you give to marinate your meat the more juicer it will taste.
  • It is important to wear mittens and aprons. You can even find fire-resistant aprons nowadays. Plus aprons have pockets to carry around a few necessary utensils.
  • Speaking of utensils, make sure you have all the right forks, tongs, and brushes at your disposal.
  • Preheating your grill allows you to have a more balanced heat and also to get those nice grill marks on the meat.
  • Do not oil the grill instead lightly oil the food. If you apply the oil directly to the grill, the food is just going to stick to it.

5. The Right Way To Grill Meat

If you want the perfect results, you will need a lot of practice to be good at grilling. Trial and error is a part of it.

To have a properly grilled meat follow these simple tips.

  • Just like health-kits, you can find different kinds of packaged seasoning blends. Use them to get the ultimate charcoal taste. There are specialized seasonings for chicken, beef, pork, and vegetables.
  • Learn how to use the thermometer according to your steak preference.
  • Just before being finished to perfection, foods should be removed from the grill. Otherwise, your meat might get overcooked.
  • To save your food from sticking, always put it on the heated grill. But do not overheat the grill
  • Cook your meat slowly at a low heat to have the juicy and smoky flavor.

You may use a propane grill for better results.

6. The Right Way To Grill Vegetables

Grilled vegetables with the smokey flavor and fragrance bring a new level to your cooking. Here is how you should do it-

  • Cook vegetables for 10 to 15 minutes in a very minimum and light oil
  • Cut them into very thin and long slices.
  • Use skewers to pierce through small chunks of vegetables. Then use marinade or oil to cook it.

7. Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning is a major part of the whole grilling experience. Let’s be honest, grilling can sometimes be messy if you are doing it for a lot of people.

Start by using a scraper to get all the residue out from the grates. You can also use a wired brush to clean the tiny pieces but be careful not to use too much pressure. The wires and bristles of the brush may break. Afterward, use a towel to properly wipe every bit and make sure to get rid of any unwanted wire or bristle.

Pick up the grill grate and soak it in a bucket of soapy water. Leave it there for about 15 minutes and then use the grill brush to scrub it all off.

You can mix water with vinegar to clean the grate as well.

Also, wipe down your grilling grate with vegetable oil so it can be rust-resistant.

Final thoughts

That was a lot of information but it is easy to get used to. Grilling outdoors can be an amazing experience but be sure to follow the above tips and do it in an organized way.

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