Hi, my name is Rob and welcome to my blog about business, daily life and travel. Think of it as the perfect combination of work and pleasure, the way life should be.

Being one of the original “digital nomads” for lack of better words, I’ve been living and earning abroad for over a decade. I’ve always been a fan of business, internet marketing and living in tropical locations.

Besides business, I’m also very interested in everything to do with in and around the home. I’ve built two homes from scratch and can appreciate a home at a whole new level after being nomadic for so long.

These days, I’m living in Bali working for myself and running some real estate projects in the Caribbean off the coast of Nicaragua. Life is what you make of it having a business makes the dream work.

Wherever you live, daily life is roughly the same when you get right down to it. I’ve left a category there for talk about in and around the home, thoughts, tips and tricks relevant to all of us.

Hopefully you’ll find the information on this blog useful and entertaining.