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5 Activities To Get Your Family Out of the House

Many families are itching for an opportunity to get out of the house. If your family is feeling trapped in your home, explore these top five safe outdoor activities in San Diego. From a private boat tour San Diego to a road trip to a nearby national park, explore the best ways to get some fresh air as a family.

Take a Walk

Sometimes you overthink planning a trip to the great outdoors. As long as your neighborhood has sidewalks and public parks, a simple walk can make all the difference for your family. Take a short trip to a nearby walking trail if it’s more comfortable than your local neighborhood. You don’t have to have a destination or a specific plan in place, but a simple walk down the sidewalk can be a refreshing way to experience your city from a different perspective while getting some fresh air.

Book a Cruise

A cruise in the San Diego Bay is a great way to get out of the house. You may be surprised at how affordable a bay cruise aboard an America’s Cup sailboat can be, so check out a schedule and current rates for your entire family. Viewing San Diego from the comfort of a seasickness-free boat is a great way to get a new perspective and make memories as a family.

Rent Bikes

Rent bikes and cruise around San Diego as a family. Take the La Jolla bike tour, Carlsbad Coastal Rail Trail or Solana Beach Coastal Rail Trail to get some exercise as a family. A coastal bike trip combines the fresh, salty air of the beach with a smooth ride, so it’s a perfect option for experienced and amateur bikers. There are plenty of places to rent bikes in the city if you don’t have enough for your family or didn’t bring bikes on your vacation.

Drive To a New Landscape

Need a break from San Diego? There are dozens of state and national parks just outside of the city. Consider a camping trip to Joshua Tree National Park or a day trip to a closer state park. San Diego is situated near a wide range of unique landscapes, so you can enjoy a change of scenery with a short drive.

Go Whale Watching

Experience the thrills of watching a breaching whale as a family. Whale watching is an unforgettable experience that you can enjoy right in San Diego. Schedule a whale watching San Diego tour any time of year to spot humpback, blue, minke or other whale species. Whales make their way up and down the Californian coast all year long, so this experience is ready whenever your family needs a change of pace.

Get Your Family Out of the House in San Diego

Don’t let current times or busy schedules keep your family inside your home all week. Plan a weekend getaway to enjoy blue whale watching San Diego and other exciting adventures. Find out how affordable this unforgettable experience is for your entire family today. Whether you’re a fan of whales, the open sea or just new experiences, this is an opportunity you won’t want to pass up.

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