Are Meal Kits Worth It?

Meal kits are everywhere – no doubt about it. Yesterday you saw a meal kit advertisement, and now, one of your friends tells you that her recent meal kit from Hello Fresh is so delicious!

Now, you’re wondering: Are meal kits worth it?

How Does Meal Kit Cost?

Before we answer the big question, it’s first wise to know the cost of meal kits. Let’ take Home Chef as an example. If you order three meal kits for your two children, that costs around $60 each week. (You need to pay $10 for each serving).

Is that affordable enough?

Well, in many cases, it is much more affordable than grocery shopping for quality ingredients. And it is for sure much more affordable when you compare the cost of ordering food from a local restaurant.

Other meal kit companies have different fees per serving. Dinnerly, for example, offers $5 for each serving while Green Chef and Sun Basket have $11 or more for each serving. You see, meal kits services aren’t the same. Some are affordable, while others aren’t. But you answer to the question: Are meal kits worth it? It shouldn’t depend on the meal kits cost.

Let’s take a closer look below.

Meal Kit VS Grocery Shopping

The popularity of meal kits says one thing – meal kits are the new alternative for grocery shopping.  If you’re a busy person, meal kits seem an ideal alternative to grocery shopping.

You don’t need to shop for the ingredients of your next meal plan. No more picking of ingredients from the vegetable aisle at the supermarket. Here’s another advantage – the meal kits are delivered right at your home.

That’s what busy people (especially working moms) call convenient and hassle-free.

But is a meal kit better than your local grocery store shopping?

Let’s admit it – most people love meal kits because these are affordable and easy to prepare. But that’s not always the case. Recent surveys say that meal kits cost the same amount as grocery shopping. If you compare the ingredients from meal kits to grocery stores’ ingredients, the price is, in many cases, the same.

But don’t forget that meal kits aren’t always affordable. Some meal kits services cost more than their competitors.

But setting the cost aside, meal kits have the edge when it comes to TIME and EFFORT you spend preparing meals.

Meal kits services give you essential benefit such as it saves you time to:

  • Plan meals each week
  • Shop for meal ingredients
  • Ingredient preparations

Here’s a fantastic meal kits advantage that we’re surprised to find out:

Many meal kits companies – like Gobble, Home Chef, and Sun Basket – allows consumers to prepare dinner within 15 minutes or even less. Some meal kits service providers enable home chefs to cook their dinner with a little twist. For example, the dinner they prepared tonight could be still be served for lunch the next morning.

You might not save (as you want all the time) if you’re into meal kits. But think about the time you’ll save if you shop and cook less.

Get ready to spend more time with your family!

Other Benefits of Meal Kits

Do you ever wonder why people start choosing meal kits than grocery shopping? There are many reasons for that. We’ll talk of a few that you might already know or don’t know yet.


Let’s face it – grocery shopping is a tedious task. Consumers need to consider the meal plan they need to prepare then look at the recipe.

Our guess is right – you don’t want that tedious task to burden you each week (especially if you’re a busy person).

Good thing that meal kits save you from that dilemma. The good news is that you don’t need to think about the meals you need to prepare every day. Meal kits offer ingredients and recipes that are for a few days or even a week. Say goodbye to selecting ingredients or looking for cooking tools for the meal preparation.

Meal kits take care of that for you.

Balanced Diet 

One great reason of sticking to meal kits is it gives you a balanced meal plan and portion control. You’ll be surprised that meal kits are for everyone’s diet. Whether you’re on a keto diet or a special diet, meal kits would help you reach your health goals.

For example, People who are into a keto diet or organic diet can order meal kits from Green Chef. Others who aim to prepare a lean and clean recipe can stick to Sun Basket.


For busy people out there, going each week to the grocery store is tiresome. Some buyers often get annoyed by the long lines in the counters of shopping malls. It might also take hours for you to decide the best meals to prepare for a week.

Don’t worry!

Meal kits are time savers when it comes to grocery shopping, reading recipes, and food preparation. Most consumers have extra free time with their family than preparing meal plans.


Meal kits are an excellent choice if you’re looking for convenient and time-saving ways to prepare delicious home-cooked meals. Meal kits might have the same price as ingredients at grocery stores, but meal kits are good options if you aim for a balanced diet and a much more diverse kitchen.

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