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6 Things to Know About Owning a Firearm

Before purchasing or using a firearm, it’s important to understand the level of responsibility that comes with that decision. 

As a firearm owner, you need to have a clear grasp of the legal, safety, and practical factors that surround your weapon. As a gun owner, here are some of the most important things to know about your firearm. 

Understand the Legal Requirements

First and foremost, there are strict legal requirements for purchasing and owning a firearm. You’ll need to have a thorough background check performed in order to obtain a license or permit, which can differ based on country and state, as well as the type of weapon you want to buy.

Different countries will also all have their own age restrictions on providing these permits. Before purchasing a weapon, you should also look into state-specific laws that might impact you, such as concealed carry and open carry laws. Failing to comply with any firearm regulations can lead you quickly down a slippery slope. 

Legal Implications of Self-Defense

If you want to own a firearm for the sake of protection or defending yourself and your family, make sure you have a clear understanding of self-defense laws and potential lawsuits that might arise from the use of your weapon – consider the case of George Alan Kelly as an example. 

If you’re going to own a firearm for protection, also having a plan for legal representation in case you ever need to use your weapon in self-defense is a good idea. Talk to a lawyer to understand civil and criminal lawsuits, and concepts like “duty to retreat.” 

Safety First: Storage and Handling

Once you have a clear grip on the law and know how to be compliant, there are other practical considerations to make, such as how to handle your weapon and where you can safely store it.

Upon purchasing a gun, you should also immediately invest in a gun safe, lock box, and trigger lock to make sure nobody can access your weapon without your permission and that no children can accidentally get hold of it. You should also make sure you’re properly educated on how to hold, handle, and use your weapon safely – taking a class might be a good idea. 

Training and Education

You should easily be able to find firearm safety and handling courses nearby that will cater to both new and more experienced gun users. When you own a weapon, it’s important to be confident in your own skills and knowledge, whether or not you plan on ever using your gun. 

Even if you’re well-informed on how to handle a gun, it’s important that you stay up to date on best practices, and take time every now and then to remind yourself of the basics. You should be able to attend workshops, visit a shooting range, or even educate yourself through reading. 

Maintenance and Care

Another thing to be aware of is how, and how often, to clean and maintain your gun. This will depend heavily on the type of weapon you have, what you use it for, and how often. You’ll need to do some more specific research in order to understand what needs to be done in your unique circumstances. 

Any gun will need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that it functions properly. Additionally, you’ll need to have a professional inspection of your gun to make sure you haven’t missed any potential issues that might not be obvious to you. This might seem like a drag, but it’s essential for your own safety. 

Mental and Emotional Preparedness

Last but not least, remember that there’s more to owning and using a firearm than meets the eye. It’s a use responsibility and, therefore, can come with significant stress.

As a parent, you might fear for your children finding the weapon, which is why proper storage is so essential. You might also worry about other members of your household causing themselves harm.

This stress can weigh on a person, which is why having a support system or some kind of community is essential. Make sure you have contact with others who own firearms so that you can express fears or ask questions that they might be able to help you with. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, you understand by now that owning a firearm is a major responsibility and shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, with thorough research, a responsible mindset, and an understanding of the legal requirements, you will be able to purchase, own, and use your weapon without fear. 

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