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Here’s Why Your Ant Problem Is Not Going Away

Pests are enough of a nuisance to homeowners that there is even an official National Pest Day. Yes, that’s right! Believe it or not, every 6th of June is dedicated to raising awareness about the problem of pests. 

One creature on their list is likely to be the clever, organized, but someone annoying ant. 

If your ant problem is persistent, here’s a guide to what might be causing an ant infestation and how to resolve it. 


Uneaten Food 

Leaving uneaten food around is a sure way to attract bugs and other nasties and can lead to an ant problem in your house.

You’ll know this first-hand if you’ve enjoyed a long lazy picnic in the park, forgot about the food, and realized ants are swarming over your carefully prepped sandwiches and cakes. 

And discarded food is equally problematic in the home. It doesn’t have to be food left on the dining table that causes the problem. It could be food in open packets in cupboards or crumbs on the floor. 

Here are a few ways to minimize food attracting ants: 

  • Use airtight plastic containers to hold all opened food and throw away the original packages.
  • Vacuum and sweep regularly.
  • Minimize eating food across the house and stick to the dining room and kitchen 

Ants will also head for a water source. So if you spill drinks or get water leaks, make sure you mop up quickly and thoroughly. 

Finally, clean kitchen surfaces with a household cleaning spray to remove grease. Even small amounts of cooking grease left by cookers or pans are enough to attract these pests. 


Ants need a route into your home. Be warned: ant colonies can grow to hundreds of thousands, so if they’ve discovered one spot to access your house, you could see hundreds crawling around the floor at any time. 

You’ll need a professional builder to assess your home structure to look for cracks in the walls or broken seals around windows or doors. The space they need to access a room is minimal, so you’ll need to search thoroughly. 

If you do find gaps causing ongoing ant problems, hire a builder so they can rectify the situation with the proper sealant. Don’t forget to check pipes, too, for any potential leaks. 

It may be worth hiring ant control services if you live in a house with a persistent problem with ants.


A black bin liner is a minimal defense against a determined ant colony. Moreover, garbage bags get dirty with sticky food, which can attract ants. 

Another problem you might experience is larger animals like cats and foxes ripping open your bin bags at night. That can leave food and waste scattered everywhere; a surefire way to attract an ant army. 

The best solution is to buy or build covered and sealed outdoor storage for your bins. You could opt for a large plastic container to store your bags or construct a wooden storage bin for your bags.

A movement-sensor security light by your bins will also help deter larger pests from trying to rip open the bags. 

Fix Your Ant Problem Today!

Don’t let an ant problem make your home life a misery. There are plenty of ways to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again. Use this guide as your starting point.

For more tips on improving your house environment, visit our real estate and home section. 

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