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Four Reasons Your Airbag Warning Light Is On

If your airbag warning light is illuminated, it’s important to investigate the cause. For example, the light may signal a system flaw or failure that prevents the airbag from inflating in the case of a collision. 

Airbags are one of the most important safety features of a vehicle. Airbag sensors are discrete electronic components that detect whether a car has been damaged in an accident. They are designed to protect the driver and passenger in an accident.

Unfortunately, sometimes the airbags won’t deploy properly. There are many possible causes for your airbag warning light to come on; take your vehicle to a professional technician for diagnosis.

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Amber-colored airbag light indicates

Your car might display an airbag warning light because of a problem with the system. Airbags are the most important safety feature in your car. They inflate in just 0.03 seconds and cushion the impact of an accident. They are extremely effective and are credited with saving the lives of thousands of victims every year.

If you see an amber-colored airbag warning light, your passenger airbag is not working properly. If the light illuminates, you should stop driving your car immediately. By driving with this problem, you should not risk putting your life at risk.

The warning light can also mean that your car has a problem with its Supplemental Restraint System. These safety features include airbags and crash sensors. A malfunction in these systems can cause the airbags not to deploy in an accident, which can be extremely dangerous. Also, SRS Reset from Safetyrestore might be necessary after a crash so you can use your existing airbag module again.

Corrosion from water

Corrosion from water can damage internal components of your vehicle, including the airbag system. Corrosion can cause a short circuit, resulting in a malfunctioning airbag module. Water damage can also cause your airbag warning light to blink, signaling that your seat belt is not fastened properly.

If your airbag warning light is on due to water damage, you should have your car looked at by a mechanic immediately. Water damage can affect the airbag module located underneath the front seats. Water can short out this module, resulting in a DTC airbag code. This problem requires professional repair, and a trained mechanic should be able to identify the root cause of the problem.

Corrosion from water can also affect crash sensors. Even if your car is only involved in a small collision, water can damage the sensors in the airbag system. If a crash occurs, the airbag warning light will stay on until you repair or replace the airbag.

Corrosion from rust

Your airbag warning light may flash if the sensor is damaged by corrosion. If this happens, you may need to have your airbag sensor replaced or repaired. The good news is that the replacement will not cost you a lot of money, but you should still be vigilant in checking the sensors. Otherwise, you could end up causing your airbag to fail.

Corrosion from rust can make crash sensors in your airbag system less sensitive. In addition, the corrosion will result in your airbag warning light staying on until the problem is resolved. Water damage can also cause corroded crash sensors in the airbag system.

Corrosion from dirt

If you notice that the airbag warning light is on even when there isn’t an airbag deployed, chances are the sensors are corroded. Corrosion can affect the crash sensors, which are sensitive to collisions. Also, corrosion can cause the wires to become loose. Many of these wires are located beneath the front seats. They can be knocked loose by moving the seat or stuffed trash under the passenger seat. You can remove the seats and check the airbag wires to fix this issue.

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