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How to Spend a Relaxing Day in London

It’s an inevitable truth that London is an infamous, historic, large and lively city. With its size, London can be difficult to navigate, particularly if you’re a tourist in the area. Simply put, London is a hotspot of pop culture, tourist attractions and a busy daily grind for the people living there. It’s no wonder people can’t stop talking about and romanticizing London.

Since it’s a hotspot of tourist attractions and pop culture, London is considered overwhelming to many people looking to visit without an idea of what they wish to do. Those from other large international cities may feel at home but that’s not the case to those living at a different pace.  People who are reserved don’t have to completely bypass London as a potential vacation spot. To help them out, here are a few tips and suggestions that will help you spend a relaxing day in London.

Avoiding the Rat Race and Relaxing

Don’t want to get caught in the rat race and stress out on your vacation to the big city of London? Surround yourself with nature in one of the many parks. It’s a pretty easy way to slow down the pace of your travels and London has countless parks. Some of the parks you may wish to visit include: Hyde Park, The Regent’s Park, Richmond Park, St. James’ Park, Victoria Park and Greenwich Park. Although the locals might find the surrounding nature commonplace, you may find the surrounding nature inherently relaxing to your needs and a glimpse at something new.

London also has many walking and hiking routes you can check out, provided you know where to go. To get you started, there’s the Capital Ring walking route, which passes by some of London’s greenest suburbs. It covers about 78 miles in about 15 short walks; some of the locations you’ll pass by include Eltham Palace, Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common.

The Green Chain route has both straight and orbicular walking routes that head across South East London. You may perhaps by a bevy of woods, parks and the grandiose Crystal Palace and Thames Barrier. If you don’t want to walk, there are always other things you can do in London.

Slowing Down and Getting Comfortable in London

If you aren’t feeling overly ambitious on the sightseeing front, you can always find a place to stay away from the busy city life and all the stress attached to it. The great thing about London is that it’s home to many hotels for people that fit every budget class. If you have the meanss, you can rent a luxurious suite at a luxury hotel such as infamous Ritz, Hotel 41 and Royal Houseguards.

If you don’t have the extra cash to pamper yourself in luxury, you can make your vacation relaxing all the same with a little creativity. Check into one of the countless quaint Bed and Breakfasts or a small boutique hotel and plan an itinerary that avoids the hustle and bustle. There are also plenty of spa offers for those looking to pamper themselves but don’t want to break the bank.

Some Easy Going Activities and Ideas on Where to Eat

A very popular activity is taking a trip to the spa. London has world class treatments to satisfy even the most disconcerting of customers who truly wish to be pampered. Just because you’re in a big city though, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t cheap massages in London. If you’re a person that likes going to the spa, we suggest you contact the hotel lobby where you’re staying for the available options in and around your neighborhood.

If you’re a foodie or just love eating, you should check out London’s countless restaurants. Something special about London is how multicultural it is. As a result there are superb dining experiences waiting at every corner, literally. If you’re in the mood for Indian, Egyptian, Italian or Thai, it’s all there and most likely closer to your hotel than you think. A few popular restaurants worth considering include Great Queen Street Restaurant, Zizzi, Skylon and The Blake Restaurant.

You might want to head to Cotswolds, where you can check out their vast farmers’ markets and other delectables. Also, if you drink, don’t forget to head to a few pubs as no trip to London is complete without a few pints if you’re one who enjoys a cold beer. The wineries too, such as the Denbies Wine Estate, offer wine cellar tours and tastings. You may even find a place that also offers bed and breakfast accommodation.

As you can see, London can be a relaxing vacation spot and there are countless things to do.

This post was written by Jane Goodall, a freelance writer living in the UK.  

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