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Copenhagen Cool

shabl_canofamsnetChristianshavn Kanal image by klearchos

Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most fantastic cities. From the vibrant colours to the cool cycle culture, this capital city has character and charm in abundance.

Typical weekend breaks to Copenhagen are sure to include stops at some of the city’s better known highlights; The Little Mermaid, a night in Tivoli and a quick snap with the royal guards at Amalienborg Palace are all classic Copenhagen stops, but for travelers looking to wander slightly off the beaten path to explore some of the city’s quirkier sights here are a few of the very best.

Holiday on the range

The Shooting Range Gardens in the Vesterbro area of Copenhagen can be found behind the city’s vast brick ramparts which were originally designed to protect nearby pedestrians from stray bullets. At one time the gardens were home to the Royal Copenhagen Shooting Society but its modern day incarnation is significantly more child-friendly with a play park for little ones.

Cemetery tour

Assistens Cemetery in Nørrebro is where visitors can visit the final resting places of some of Denmark’s most famous names. The likes of Niels Bohr and children’s literature icon Hans Christian Anderson lay claim to some prominent plots but it is the gorgeous grounds that are the real draw. Whether you wander these storied grounds solo or take a guided tour, Assistens will offer a unique and beautiful environment in which to explore.

Row, row, row your boat

Christianshavn is one of Copenhagen’s most picturesque areas. The cobbled canal streets in this lovely neighborhood are lined with yachts and houseboats which are fun to look at on land, but even more delightful when experienced from the water. Visitors to Christianshavn can rent rowing boats and slowly make their way to the cafe on the water for a few drinks to soak up the perks of waterfront life.

Freetown Christiania

For a taste of a more countercultural Copenhagen head to Freetown Christiania, also located in Christianshavn. Despite being one of the city’s most visited places, there are quite a few parts of the self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood of Christiania that remain unknown to tourists.

Take a stroll along the walking trails that meander behind the lake for an authentic sampling of the houses, cafes, shops and workshops that make up this self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood right in the heart of the city.


For foodies who are eager to source innovative fare that Copenhagen is fast becoming known for, head to the meatpacking district. Next to Halmtorvet, the charming cobbled square dotted with chic cafés in Vesterbro is an alternative exhibition centre and of course – the meatpacking district.

This area of Copenhagen may have once been a daily destination for the meat industry but is now home to some of the most stylish and sophisticated restaurants, bars and of course – people-watching.

Copenhagen is one of those cities that you can just wander through; the sights, the sounds, the people and the culture work together to create a blend of comfort and elegance that Denmark has built a reputation on.

Whether you’re a first time visitor to the city or a returning fan, getting slightly off the beaten path of a city’s main tourist route will inevitably yield memorable and meaningful holidays for all.

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