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Nights Out In London

There are so many reasons to enjoy a night out, be it for a hen party, a birthday or just to spend time with your friends, and London is home to many incredible places for a night out. When you think of London you might be thinking of night clubs, or taking a trip to the west end for a play, but there are plenty more things that London can offer for more alternative nights out. 

Here we’ll dive into one or two of those more different ideas, giving you some options for your next new and exciting night out in London. 

Escape Rooms In London

A popular night out for many, and with so many different escape rooms not just in London but all over the country there will be a different scenario for you to sink your teeth into and try to escape. If you have never tried an escape room, you are in for a treat! 

Nowadays there are escape rooms for pretty much anyone, the theme might be different but the aim of the game remains the same. Work as a team to solve whatever  weird and wonderful puzzles the creator of the game has come up with. Here are a few themed ones we found in London: 

  • The Crystal Maze
  • Mission Breakout
  • Cluequest

With escape rooms it’s always best to book in advance, especially if you’re in a big group! They can be pretty full so find the one that looks most suitable to you and your friends and have an amazing time!

Stand Up Comedy In London

London is an absolute hotbed for stand up comedy, and these nights are perfect for kicking back, laughing with your friends and creating stories you’ll tell for years to come. Some of the best comedians in the world call London their home and so some of the best clubs in the world can be found in London, including Big Belly Comedy Club

Regardless of your taste in comedy, in a city as vast and diverse as London you’ll always be able to find a show and a club that suits you!

Axe Throwing In London 

If comedians and escape rooms are not your thing and you want to try something new, axe throwing is a great idea. Let any aggression or anger go with a night of throwing axes as hard as you can. See who can score the highest with the viking version of archery! 

Whether you are good at throwing darts and want to try something bigger or you have never thrown anything like that before, axe throwing can be a fun activity that will give you more of a workout than you would think. New experiences with friends is what it’s all about and not many of your friends will have tried axe throwing. Here are some places in London to try:

  • Whistlepunks
  • Axeperience
  • Badaxe Throwing


If you are looking for something new to do when in London and do not want to have a night at the theatre or west-end, enjoy doing something new with a group of friends and enjoy one of London’s lesser known activities!

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