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How To Have An Unforgettable Destination Honeymoon

Travel is always an exciting adventure but having a honeymoon planned around world-class destinations is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. After all, marriage is a life-changing decision made by both individuals which should be the highlight of a couple’s life together.

Of course, there are many different kinds of honeymoon destinations that suit every couple’s needs. For instance, the couple can opt for a relaxing honeymoon on a tropical island surrounded by crystal-clear waters. Or perhaps they can explore a hidden corner of the world like the under-the-radar island of Bermuda.

However, going on a vacation with your partner doesn’t just mean leaving home and arriving somewhere, you can make the destination as memorable as you want it to be. As they say, the way to the heart is through the stomach and the way to one’s stomach is to travel. So, read on to know how your honeymoon destination can be turned into a multi-sensory journey.

1. Choose the best location or probably a location that is culturally important to you

Whether you are more of a history and art fan or want to immerse yourself in nature, your honeymoon can be an immersive experience. Each place has its own identity. Being true to your personality, you could try out the food or the city where you are going. One of the best locations you can try out is the Maldives.

This place of complete calmness and beauty is the ideal honeymoon destination. The island nation is known for its eye-popping turquoise waters, crystal-clear lagoons, and white sand beaches. However, the absolute best way to enjoy the Maldives is to be with your partner.

2. Plan a small but memorable road trip

Planning a road trip with your partner and going off the beaten track is a great way to create memories and togetherness. As you embark on your journey, bring along a good playlist, buy snacks, and stop for the occasional drinks at roadside pubs or cafes.

3. A spot of sightseeing while traveling is also great fun

Plan your honeymoon in a way that you get to experience some of the best sights like viewing the sunrise from the summit of a mountain. Or plan a city tour of the major landmarks of your choice. If you want a more exclusive option you can take a look at Aerial BVI wellness retreat, which offers great view, comfortable accommodation, and many more.

4. Play a game new to you

An exciting travel honeymoon is also a challenge. You can also challenge yourself by discovering a new activity each day. You could play a game of beach volleyball, try the local foods or experience the local culture by learning how to dance to the local folk song. You can also have an ice cream-making class or a cooking class with your partner. The best part is that you get to experience new things that you wouldn’t have done on your own.

5. Pack your suitcase carefully.

Even if you are traveling to a destination that is familiar to you, you can still make your suitcase look impressive. You could make a cabin-like touch by filling it with stuffed animals or a cozy blanket to make your luggage feel more inviting.

Or you can also add a handbag to your luggage to look fashionable. If you’re planning on being a bit cheeky and packing some toys to play out fantasies for your honeymoon be sure to pack them in your checked luggage so you don’t get surprised looks at the security line.

6. Choose the right accommodation.

The last thing that you want is to arrive at your honeymoon destination at shabby accommodation. This is why it is important to have a staycation honeymoon. You can choose a small-town lodge in the mountains, a village by the beach, or a riverside town.

The key here is to choose a place that is near the place where you will be traveling. For example, if you are traveling to Florida, try staying in an inn near the beach instead of a hotel in a far-off location.

Bonus tip: Your luggage needs a great ride on your honeymoon. Simply choose luggage that suits your theme and design. If you are more of a water baby, then you can opt for water-proof luggage that won’t go bad or get damaged due to the harsh environment. Alternatively, if you are more of a cosmopolitan couple, you could opt for something that is tailored for modern-age travelers. 

Finally, remember the most important thing about your honeymoon: it doesn’t need to be long. A vacation doesn’t need to be a weeklong tour to be memorable. You can plan your honeymoon in such a way that you can make it a weekend break away from your everyday life.

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