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Fun Ideas for Your Next Pride Day

It’s vital to maintain the spirit of the movement going strong beyond the rainbow decorations, spectacular events, and highly anticipated parades. Pride is all about being a true ally to the LGBTQ+ community and accurately portraying them.

The fight for acceptance and equality is something that must be acknowledged. It’s about being proactive in politics, remembering the sacrifices of others, and keeping the peace.

The LGBTQ+ community celebrates this month in honor of a long, turbulent history towards equal rights in the United States, despite the fact that Pride Month has become known for beautiful, lively rainbow parades across the country.

Pride Month is celebrated all around the globe in recognition of the Stonewall riots, which took place in New York City in 1969 and were spearheaded by members of the transgender and queer communities in response to institutionalized racism and homophobia.

In the years afterward, it has developed into a celebration of the ongoing battle for LGBTQ+ rights and a remembrance of those pivotal moments in history.

So are you eagerly anticipating your next pride day? Here are some of the fun ideas for your next pride day.

List of Fun Ideas for your Next Pride Day

Inequalities based on a person’s sexual orientation exist in the workplace, but you can fight to alter that. Here’s a rundown of our favorite fun ideas for your next pride day, from quizzes to diversity workshops to pride merchandise giveaways.

Support Queer Enterprises

Showing support for queer enterprises is one of the fun ideas you and apply on your next pride day. However, there should be more to your solidarity with the neighborhood than simply wall paint. Hire local queer-owned companies for everything from cuisine to decorations to music. Alex who runs a store selling LGBTQ Flags says that its so important to support local queer enterprises during Pride as they often are the largest supporters of other queer businesses.

Get together and enjoy a varied selection of songs by Various LGBTQ Icons. Music has a special way of bringing people together. So begin a shared playlist of LGBTQ icons, musicians, and anthems, and invite others to contribute their picks.

Songs by ABBA, Diana Ross, Prince, and even contemporary giants like Lil Nas X, Frank Ocean, and Sam Smith, are perfect for getting the party started.

Organize a little Pride parade

For a good reason, parades have come to symbolize Pride. They are a wonderful opportunity to honor the past while looking to the future and uniting the community. We’re willing to guess that you aren’t preparing a parade, even if you may have plans to watch one online or attend one in person. And don’t forget to visit Poppers UK before your next pride parade!

Bring some parade elements into your celebration, whether you are organizing a parade watching party, pre-party, or looking for a way to bring the celebrations to work or school: Hire a local gay band or artist to perform, assign float themes and have everyone dress appropriately, have everyone decorate their desks in celebration of Pride and take a tour during office happy hour, etc. Reduce the size of the procession to see how creative people can become.

Crafts with a Pride Theme

Have a Pride-themed art assault and encourage your guests to show their true colors! Give out art tools in every hue of the rainbow (think of the many flags that symbolize the LGBTQ community) and come up with a theme like “Love is love” or “Representation Matters,” and have everyone make a piece of artwork that expresses their thoughts on the subject.

Engage in Fundraising and Charity Movement

Fundraising may be a lot of fun and can do some good for those in need. Find a non-profit organization that supports the LGBTQ community (particularly young people and the elderly) or promotes equality for the LGBTQ community.

Ask about a possible corporate donation or matching gift from your employer if you’re organizing this event for your business’s employees. Also, find out about any perks or tax breaks available to you in advance.

Final Thoughts

Pride is a wonderful time, particularly if you’re fighting for equal rights at heart. If you want to join in the festivities for Pride Month in June, we recommend using at least a couple of the above fun ideas for your next pride day.

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