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How To Create The Perfect Home Office

Home offices have unsurprisingly seen an extreme increase in popularity in the last couple of years, with almost 40% of people now working under a hybrid model. Whether you’ve just secured a new remote job, or you just want to give your current set-up a refresh, here are some top tips for creating the perfect home office:

Optimise your space

For many of us, our home offices are the smallest rooms in our house. No matter what size room you are working with, it is important to optimise the space and make the best use of it possible.

Start by taking accurate measurements of the room and sketch these out on some paper. Then you can play around with potential different room configurations to see which will work best for you. This is particularly important if your home office also acts as a spare bedroom too.

Look into fitted office furniture as a good way to save space and maximise the usability of the room. Be sure to plan the layout of the room based on how you intend to use it; make sure that everything you regularly use is easy to access, whilst ensuring that things less commonly used are stored and out of the way.

Include plants

Plants are a great addition to any home office for a variety of reasons. Plants are beneficial not only for your physical health, due to their air-purifying qualities, but they are also good for mental health, having been shown to improve mood and reduce stress.

Start off with a small, easy to care for, plant if you aren’t used to looking after them.  From there you can slowly introduce more plants to your office the more knowledgeable about them you become.

Having plants also provides you with the perfect excuse to include decorative pots in your office too!

Think about ergonomics

As well as looking nice, a home office needs to work practically too and aid productivity. When setting up your desk area, consider the ergonomics of your set-up. Make sure that your posture is going to be adequately supported whilst you work. This may be helped by investing in a footrest, supportive mouse mat, and well-structured office chair.

Last but not least, you may want to look into adjustable desks, which can help with your posture and joints. Adjustable desks have also seen a huge increase in popularity, allowing people to stand or even walk whilst using them. Consider whether this is something that would benefit you and whether your working style would allow you to use a standing desk.

Don’t forget small details

As much as your office needs to be designed for working, it is important not to overlook the finer details within the room. It is likely that you are going to be spending considerable amounts of time in there so don’t shy away from including a few nice decorative features such as wall prints.

If you enjoy listening to music or the radio whilst you work, then a speaker is crucial too!

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