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The Importance of Ergonomics in the Workplace: Benefits and Tips

Even though there are a lot of companies in the world that offer flexible work schedules, we still shouldn’t forget the fact that there are still a plethora of firms that have that traditional nine-to-five work schedule.

And if you do not work remotely, you are oftentimes forced to sit in a chair, in front of a computer for many hours without taking a break which can be very detrimental to our physical (particularly our back) and mental health.

And precisely this sort of stress can lead to numerous illnesses, like obesity, musculoskeletal disorder, type 2 diabetes, etc. Many studies have shown in the past that ergonomics can significantly reduce the chances of suffering from these diseases and can positively affect mental health as well. 

So if you would like to get a deeper insight into the numerous benefits that you can get from it, then take a look at these facts below.

Prevent Serious Injuries

As stated in the beginning, if you work at the office, you are typically stuck at your desk for many hours, which could potentially lead to some serious injuries. And sadly, not every workplace safety program covers every type of injury your staff may sustain.

Don’t forget that a vast majority of office equipment can cause some severe pain to your employees and if it becomes chronic, it can lead to previously mentioned musculoskeletal disorders or strain injury.

People who work at the office often strain their muscles while working at the desk, they crane their necks while looking at the monitor and many other uncomfortable things. And all of this inevitably leads to chronic back pain, tendonitis, and other health conditions.

Not to mention the fact that precisely because of this, your workers are most likely tired all the time. Therefore, ergonomic gurus at MotionGrey think that it would be advisable to consider implementing ergonomics because its equipment is designed to perfectly fit everyone’s body type. And something like this can most certainly decrease the chances of having any sort of injury.

Other Health Benefits

As concluded before, people who work at traditional offices are normally at greater risk of suffering from a variety of different health conditions. Luckily, the situation is drastically different with those who work in ergonomic workplaces.

One of the biggest benefits of it is related to your cardiovascular health. Namely, if you decide to opt for ergonomics, the heart of your staff is going to be a lot healthier, plus they will no longer strain their eyes, back, and neck.

Let’s Not Forget To Mention The Expenses

One of the most common health problems (among employees) related to the workplace is the aforementioned MSD (musculoskeletal disorders). According to a couple of reports we found online, roughly $1 out of $3 in workers’ compensation costs is linked to MSDs.

Of course, this refers to people who work at the office that isn’t implementing ergonomics. This just goes to show that if you opt for it, you will significantly decrease the expenses that are related to the worker’s compensation.

Another thing that we would like to add is the fact that indirect expenses can be almost up to twenty times the direct cost of the injury:

  • 75% reduction in lost workdays
  • 68% reduction in worker’s compensation expenses
  • 65% average reduction in the incidence rate
  • 59% average reduction of MSDs
  • 53% reduction in restricted days
  • 43% decrease in labor expenses
  • 39% reduction in cost per claim

Enhanced Productivity

There’s no need to remind you that the workers are one of the biggest assets of every business, hence if they are not productive enough, your company will not be able to make any major progress.

And that’s something that might happen if they work at an office that doesn’t offer the best possible conditions. Bear in mind that the main goal of workplace ergonomics is to:

  • Decrease movements that are required for various tasks
  • Enhance posture
  • Allow employees to utilize much less force in order to execute something

Once you as an employer decide to implement ergonomics, you will quickly realize how suddenly all your staff has become a lot more productive and effective and that’s all because they can easily access any tool and area they need without experiencing any huge physical strain. 

In a nutshell, your workers will be working in an environment that’s going to make them feel a lot more comfortable.

After everything that’s been written here today, we are absolutely sure that you are now more than aware of the fact of how beneficial ergonomics is, which is why it would be great if you implemented it as soon as possible.

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