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How CCaaS and UCaaS Improve Customer Service

Do you feel as if your customer service team is underperforming? Or maybe they’re performing well, but you know there’s room for improvement. 

CCaaS and UCaaS can help. Both of these systems will improve your customer service efforts. The question is, which is best for your business? 

Let’s review them both to see how they’ll benefit your customers and team. 


What is CCaaS?

CCaaS stands for Contact Center as a Service. It’s a subscription-based software that gives customers many forms of communication, among them: 

  • Live chat
  • Social media
  • VoIP audio calls
  • CRM integrations

Not only are these effective methods of communication, but it increases the chances of an interested customer reaching out. Plus, when you provide many alternative means of communication, you’re reaching out to a more significant number of customers.

Who Does CCaaS Benefit?

This software is best for businesses looking for ways to improve customer experiences. It helps streamline communications between your business and customers. 

It also makes customer care agents more productive since they can access several advanced cloud-based calling features. Employees can work from home or while they travel without compromising customer service. 

Another great benefits companies will receive from CCaaS is it’ll reduce costs. It eliminates the need for an actual building to work in. Let’s say your building is under construction. Employees can still work from home as long as they have a strong internet connection.

What is UCaaS? 

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service. It’s a cloud-based solution that lets you combine all your communications channels (email, text messaging, video conferencing, etc.). 

Who Does UCaaS Benefit?

UCaaS improves collaboration among teams. It’s best for businesses that depend on voice and video communications for internal and external purposes. 

If your team is spread out among different locations, this software will improve communication by providing improved chat options, audio, and visual phone call options, and much more. 

However, the UCaaS is not designed to be used with customers. Rather, it’s meant to be used for coworkers to communicate better with each other. This allows for problems to be resolved quickly and information to be given and received much faster than ever. 

With UCaaS, you’ll have access to five major components: 

  • Voice
  • Video
  • Messaging
  • Collaboration
  • The Cloud 

These components give employees convenient ways to work together. It also gives employers access to their workflows. This means increased productivity, sales, and results for your business. 

UCaaS and CCaaS: Which Is Best?

The main difference between UCaaS and CCaaS is that the former focuses on keeping team members connected, and the latter focuses on keeping customers connected to sales departments. 

Both offer the following benefits: 

  • Easy and low-cost setup (requires zero hardware)
  • Multichannel communication (email, phone call, live chat, etc.)
  • Improved flexibility thanks to cloud-based nature 
  • More reliable and secure than alternatives 
  • Option to integrate platforms with business solutions like CRM

To find the best option for your business and customer interactions, you need to consider the above. Do you need something that’s more customer service-focused or team collaboration focused? Both offer benefits like flexibility, cost reduction, and improved productivity. 

The difference is that these benefits are achieved in different ways. One does it by improving communication among team members while the other does it by improving communication among customers. 

Decide what your current priority is. This will help you decide which is best for you!

Improve Your Customer Service Center Today!

Improving your customer service center is important in growing your business. Although it may be a bit confusing initially, getting the right software to help you will make your job much easier and improve exponentially.

Consider implementing CCaaS and UCaaS into your business today! 

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