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Have You Heard of AwardLogic, a Kayak-Like Tool for Award Tickets?

Taking advantage of credit card rewards programs is something that we should all be doing. Anyone can get free stuff just by signing up for and using a credit card, even when it comes to airline tickets. 

Unfortunately, banks use sneaky tactics to keep their customers from getting the most out of their hard-earned points, especially when it comes to travel. Banking institutions will charge you three times more points than actually needed. 

Sure, you can cash in your points for a flight through their website easily but why would you want to waste all your points on 1 flight or a gift card when you can get so much more?  

Even if you are able to purchase a flight using points, chances are, you’re not getting a very good deal. In other words, it’s easy to get points by signing up for new credit cards, but actually redeeming those points for travel is another story. 

That’s where AwardLogic comes into play. 

What Is AwardLogic?

AwardLogic is a platform that delivers live inventory for travel award redemption. It’s for anyone who has credit card points and wants to cash in on those points with the best deal possible on flights.

Say you have 80,000 points through your Chase credit card. You have a few options… You can cash in for an Amazon gift card for $800 and buy more stuff you don’t need. Or, you can take the smarter route and use AwardLogic to travel the world. 

If you want to try Award Logic Search Engine Platform freely for the first 3 days, you have the opportunity to cash in those 80K points to travel round-trip to Europe. Not only that, it’s even possible to fly a family of 4 to Europe and back again on that same number of rewards. 

How It Works

Your credit cards have hundreds of airline partners. That means you can convert your points to miles, and if you book with the right carrier at the right time, it’s possible to get the best deal out there on airfare.

Figuring out this information on your own isn’t easy, and many travelers end up settling for a less-than-ideal flight for an absurd number of points. 

That’s why AwardLogic has come up with a solution, and they’re sharing these secrets with the public. By signing up, you can search for the best flight rewards in real time for the destination of your choosing. But how does it work?

It’s actually quite simple. AwardLogic has cracked the code by constantly scouring deals across 20+ frequent flyer and credit card programs to find free flights for you. Even better, you’ll be spending the minimum amount of points while getting the maximum reward. 

Yet another perk is that you won’t have to spend hours searching for deals on your own – AwardLogic does it all for you. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best bang for your buck when you redeem your credit card points on flights.

How to Start Using AwardLogic

AwardLogic makes it easy for anyone to cash in credit card points as flight tickets. Once you’re on the AwardLogic site, the process starts by entering flight details, destinations, dates, etc. 

From there, the site will generate all of the flight options based on the inputted details as well as how many points need to be redeemed per person per flight. For even more help finding the right flight for you, AwardLogic makes it easy to set filters based on your travel needs. If the award flight you are looking for is not available, you can set an alert, and AwardLogic will notify you when it becomes available.

To give you an idea of how many points you could be saving, let’s take a look at a one-way business class flight from New York to Paris. Without using AwardLogic, booking the flight through AMEX will cost more than 800,000 points. But with AwardLogic, that same flight is just over 57,000 points using AMEX, CITI, or Chase points.

Another flight going from New York to the Maldives could cost you as much as 480,000 points when booked through the AMEX official site. AwardLogic can find that same flight for about 113,000 points, saving passengers an average of 366,000 points. 

Crazy, right?!


Let’s do a quick recap on how AwardLogic can change your life when it comes to redeeming credit card points: 

  • Search for real-time availability across 20+ booking programs
  • Get step-by-step point transfer and booking instructions
  • Get access to exclusive point redemption offers
  • Unlimited searching of live flight inventory with a Free Trial
  • Award availability alerts – They will notify you by email when award availability is found.

Want to start using AwardLogic today to get the most out of your credit card points? Register for a 3-day Free Trial and book your next flight at an enormous discount!

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