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Everything You Should Know About Military Flashlight

Why is the military flashlight term the most reliable in the flashlight market? What makes it so different from the rest? The only thing that differentiates military flashlights from the rest is the use of quality material.

The reason why military flashlights stand out is not because they can handle direct tactical situations. It’s because these flashlights are better built, last longer, and have many features as compared to normal flashlights.

Military Flashlight

Old Vs Modern Military Flashlight

Though modern flashlights are far superior to the old ones, for that period of time, old flashlights were the best they have. There is no such thing as old flashlights being bad and modern flashlights being good.

Both old and modern flashlights serve their best during their period of time. 50 years from now, all the flashlights that we used today will be outdated.

50 years from now, will you say the flashlights we use today were bad? I don’t think so. The new generation at that point in time will label it as an old-school flashlight but today this is the best we have.

Old School Military Flashlights

Before WW2, military flashlights were only used for signaling and illumination. In those days, the lack of a switch guard was the only problem with the flashlights.

When WW2 was at its peak, a new version of flashlights was introduced to the soldiers. This upgraded version had a switch guard on it. The whole purpose of a switch guard was to prevent unintentionally turning on the light.

In a situation where the soldier has to keep their position hidden, unintentionally turning on the light can alert the enemies.

Additionally, the durability and usefulness of the design were improved. The upgraded version also comes with a tail cap that contains a spare bulb and several different colored lenses.

Modern Military Flashlights

Today’s military flashlight comes with many features other than just, on, off, and signaling switch. You get higher lumens, longer runtime, longer light throw, extraordinary durability, compact size, and more features.

Modern tactical flashlights can be mounted on helmets and weapons. Some military lights can be even used with night vision equipment. Some tactical flashlights like Odin Mini Tactical Flashlight have magnetic remote switches for quick and easy light access during high-stress situations.

Talking about durability, military flashlights can withstand extreme heat and cold, dropped onto rocks. Some are even fireproof but mostly all of them are waterproof.

What Makes a Good Garde Military Flashlight

High lumens, longer battery life, and advanced inbuilt features are not the only things that make a military flashlight superior. Unlike regular EDC flashlights, top-graded military flashlights have to undergo several testing in order to prove their capability.

Some of the tests include temperature tests, fog tests, high humidity exposure tests, water-resistant tests, drop tests, and more. During a temperature test, a military flashlight is run under an operating temperature ranging from 120 F to -24 F over many cycles.

Common Features

You’ll find a wide range of military flashlights in the market, but they all share some common features.

  • LED – Back in the old days, both military and normal flashlights used an incandescent bulb for illumination. Today, with the invention of LED bulbs, incandescent bulbs are rarely used. LEDs are small, brighter, last longer, and consume less power than the traditional bulb. A typical LED bulb can last more than 100,000 hours of use. It can also withstand the shock of being dropped, frozen, and baked in the desert sun.
  • Higher Lumens – The flashlights used at the time of WW2 produced less than 100 lumens. But today, even a typical EDC flashlight can produce up to 100 lumens. The modern-day military flashlight can produce as much as 1000 lumens and more depending on the product.
  • Brightness Control Mode – As mentioned in the above point, military flashlights produce strong light but the catch is you don’t need a strong light in all situations. To solve this problem, 90% of all military light comes with selectable brightness modes. Make sure to read the manual guide because every manufacturer’s brightness switch is different.
  • Color Mode – Most military flashlights give you the option to switch between, white, red, green, and blue light. If you’re a normal civilian you don’t need any other light colors except for white but it is still nice to have that option. For military personnel, color light can help to obscure your position or it can be used with night vision gears.
  • Battery Type – Military flashlight batteries are not limited to only one type of battery, the battery could be alkaline cells or rechargeable batteries.
  • Construction – Mostly all top-quality military flashlights are made of aircraft-quality aluminum. This material can take a lot of abuse and still maintain its shape. Other than that, rubber gaskets are used to prevent water damage.
  • Runtime – The two things that determine the runtime of a flashlight are the lamp and the quality of the wiring. Compared to other normal flashlights, military-grade tactical lights use solid wiring and proven attachment methods.

Who Needs a Military Grade Flashlight?

Other than military personnel there are three types of people who seriously need a military flashlight.

  1. Someone who works in low-light and rough areas such as mine and construction sites.
  2. Someone who is looking for a reliable flashlight for outdoor activities.
  3. Someone who needs a flashlight that can work as a self-defense weapon. 

Other than that, people who are interested in collecting flashlights or people who are interested in hunting are also good candidates.

Where to Look for a Military Grade Flashlight

First thing first, you need to do your research. What are the features that you’re looking for in a military flashlight? The product differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, so you have to be specific about your needs. You want to get the best deal for what you’re paying for.

After doing your research, go to the manufacturer’s website or find the product on Amazon or other eCommerce websites.

If you don’t want to go through the hustle and bustle, I will recommend you Warrior Mini 2 Compact EDC Tactical Flashlight. This is one of the most popular products by Olight.

Warrior Mini 2 Compact EDC Tactical Flashlight

This tactical flashlight is a beast when it comes to performance. It can produce up to 1750 lumens with a light throw of 220-meter beam distance.

The tactical tail switch it has can activate turbo or strobe with a single press. And with the intuitive side switch, you can select between six different modes for all-day use.

Some more notable features include a Smart Proximity Sensor which prevents overheating, a reversible clip, IPX8 waterproof, and a drop test of 1.5 meters.

Click here to learn more about Warrior Mini 2 Compact EDC Tactical Flashlight.

Play Rough and Tough with Military Flashlight

If you’re looking for a durable and strong flashlight, the military-grade flashlight is what you need. Whether you want it for daily use, outdoor activities, self-defense, or tactical situations, a military flashlight can meet all your needs.

Use it in a storm. Drop it from a ledge. Hit an intruder over the head with it. These flashlights ain’t gonna break.

Military and tactical flashlights aren’t for the weak at heart. They’re for those who play rough, those who stay tough, and those who are built to fight… and to last.

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