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Drunk Driving Prevention, Nine Tips

Do you and your friends often hit the road for a good time? That’s great but make sure it doesn’t end in catastrophe when you drive back home with cloudy vision and poor motor coordination. That’s what happens when you drive while you’re drunk.

Driving while intoxicated is a far greater issue in the US than we want to acknowledge. You endanger not only your own life but also other precious lives. In case you are caught driving while impaired by alcohol, you could face severe penalties like jail time, license revocation, Ignition Interlock Device (IID), and heavy fines.

If your drunken driving results in someone getting hurt or killed, none of these repercussions are as severe as the guilt and sorrow you’ll have to endure for life.

The extent of drunken driving penalties varies in different cities according to state laws. For instance, while living and driving around in Tennessee, intoxicated driving is considered a serious offense, resulting in harsh sentences that can wind you up in jail from 11 months up to 6 years.

We’re sure you wouldn’t want to end up in an ugly situation like this, which may leave you unemployed and broke, not to mention the grave judgments by your friends. Let’s go over some of the many alternatives we have to help you avert this terrible situation.

Plausible Driving under Influence (DUI) penalties in Tennessee

When you are pulled over as a convicted alcohol-impaired drunk driver Tennessee laws categorize you as either a misdemeanor or a felony when you have a higher BAC than 0.8. The first three offenses are classified as misdemeanors and carry shorter jail terms and IIDs; however, the fourth crime is a felony and carries a higher jail sentence along with IIDs and license revocation.

According to national surveys, every 45 minutes, one person loses their life every day in the United States in unfortunate crashes relating to an alcohol-impaired driver. That makes around 32 deaths every day!

While it might sound extremely enticing to drink and drive, with just a little caution, you can elude the unpleasant consequences of DUI, whether in Tennessee or elsewhere.

  • Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated slows down the absorption of alcohol in your bloodstream and averts the dangerous level of “high” you might feel otherwise. On the other hand, fizzy and carbonated drinks may act exactly the opposite.

One of the most popular combinations of hard alcohol and soda speeds up the absorption of alcohol into your stomach and intestines, which in turn speeds up the intoxication of your brain. Plenty of water in your system would dilute the intoxication and prevents you from losing your head.

  • Eat to your fill before drinking

Medical research has proven that booze may hit you differently on an empty stomach or dehydrated body than on a fully hydrated one. You advance to intoxication considerably more quickly when you drink on an empty stomach. When you plan to drink, try adding a big meal that’s full of rich carbs and proteins into the mix earlier. It will help slow down the absorption of alcohol and reduce risks of inhibitions and drunk driving.

  • Get a designated driver

When it’s party night, make it a point to mutually decide on a designated driver amongst your friends who may be reliable enough to drive you and your friends back home after a crazy night. Whoever agrees to be the driver must be prohibited from consuming liquor. Make sure your friend doesn’t fall short of the commitment and is not drinking.

  • Give sleep over a serious thought

If you are at a friend’s place, consider sleeping on their couch or the floor. While you are out at a bar and have a friend who lives close by, giving them a call and spending the night at their place may be the safest option. They can even look after you if you are too drunk and may fall sick. Vice versa, don’t allow a friend to consume too much alcohol or make horrible choices if the party happens to be at your place.

  • Hire a Cab/Uber or public transit

The best option to reach home safely is to hire a cab/Uber. It is cost-effective and unarguably safer than getting behind the wheel. If your balance or coordination is affected, your blood alcohol level may be high enough for a DUI conviction.

You will not only save yourself from an expensive DUI but also minimize the chances of getting into an ugly situation. Getting on public transit may not sound fancy, but it’s secure and won’t cost you much.

  • Stay sober for the night

Why not offer to be a designated driver to ensure your and your friends’ safety? Keep committed to the idea of staying away from alcohol for a night when you have agreed to safeguard your friends. Regardless of how persistent they are, resist allowing anyone to coerce you into drinking more. Make a mocktail of fruit juice and sparkling water if you don’t want to feel left out.

  • Don’t sit in the car with a drunk driver

Never agree to sit in a car with anyone who appears to be alcohol-impaired, no matter how convincing they might sound. Instead, if you’re sober, offer to drive them home or have a cab waiting for them so they can get to a safer location.

  • Call a friend

The best course of action is to phone a friend who can take you home securely. It is safer and more reliable since you wouldn’t risk getting lost in transit lest you forget your way home. It would rather give you an opportunity to have a fun ride back home.

  • Quit drinking at least one to two hours before your departure

They say time is the best healer. Indeed! It is also the best way to sober up! Give yourself at least 2 hours to sober up and the effects of alcohol to decelerate. Keep in mind the hour you plan to leave, and quit that glass of beer when you have one and a half hours left. This provides ample time for your brain and liver to come around and for the blurry vision and poor coordination to wear off.


Consider carefully whether the possible harm from a crazy night out outweighs the danger. If you choose to drink, make it a point not to drive. It’s not just about you or the person you are driving with. Getting a DUI implies serious implications, but it also puts many lives at risk in case of a crash or property damage. Presuming no one was injured, you still lose your license and may have to pay penalties and serve some jail time. If you find yourself facing serious DUI charges, you may also need to hire an attorney.

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