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What’s the State of Public Transport in Huntsville?

Public transport is still an integral part of any city. It helps people to get around without having to sit in traffic for hours on end. And with gas prices constantly going up, it’s become more and more difficult for people to get around in the cities that they live in. Huntsville is slowly becoming one of the more popular cities for people to move into, which is why it’s important to know what the state of their public transit system is.

Improvement Of The Bus System

The Huntsville City Transit Department has launched a new campaign called “Dump the Pump & Try Transit” in hopes of attracting more home builders huntsville. This campaign aims to increase participation in the transit system which includes the Orbit bus system as well as partnerships with commuters to reduce traffic on the road.

The Development of Access

In addition to the Orbit bus system, there is also Access. This is a door-to-door paratransit service that is a great option for those who have mobility issues and can’t get to the public transit system. The Orbit bus system costs about $1, which is definitely a lot less than $4 a gallon for gas.

In fact, current gas prices could be to “blame” for the increase in ridership on the bus. More and more people are turning to Orbit as an alternative, and there has been an increased diversity of riders, from retirees to young students heading to their classes.

Orbit even offers discounted rates for certain groups of people. For seniors over the age of 65, students with a valid ID, or anyone who is on Medicare/Medicaid, they can use the bus system at a reduced cost of 50 cents.

Keeping Everyone On Time

Orbit has a mobile app called “Route Shout.” This allows riders to keep track of their buses so that they know exactly when their bus is going to arrive. This removes the question of whether buses are going to be late or not and if riders need to find an alternative if they’re going to be late to specific meetings or appointments.

Other Transit Options Including Access

Access is available to seniors and people with disabilities; customers used to know it by a different name: Handy Ride. Before residents can use this service, they have to go through a certification process, which is located on the city’s website. And the cost of the service? Only $2. Definitely affordable for those who are already living on reduced wages.

Commute is another option that’s available through the city’s website that allows for people to create carpools for co-workers who live near each other.

Huntsville officials are always reaching out to their customers to ensure that the services being provided are exactly what they’re looking for. Through the use of surveys, the public transit system is constantly being tweaked so that there are enough routes for everyone. If you are planning to move to Huntsville to make this city your new home, then you can rest well knowing that there’s a reliable transit system to get you where you need to go.

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