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The Apartment Amenities Every Renter Wants

Finding the ideal apartment is no small feat. So, how do you determine which apartment features will work for you?

This seemingly endless number of types of apartments can be overwhelming. So if you are feeling stressed out about choosing which apartment amenities to prioritize, take a deep breath and keep reading.


The perfect apartment is just a few tips away.

A Swimming Pool

When it comes to renting an apartment, there is one amenity that most renters universally desire: a swimming pool. It’s a great way to stay active and fit and also serves as a great environment to socialize with friends and family.

A swimming pool can help reduce stress and is also a great spot for hosting parties and events. Plus, it can add a lot of aesthetic value to an apartment complex. It is one of the most sought-after features by renters and can be found in a lot of nice apartments like Copper Beech Radford.

A Fitness Center

A fitness center is an amenity that is desirable for tenants with health and fitness goals. Gyms offer equipment that allows people to do a variety of exercises, from cardio to free weights and more. Having a place on the premises allows for easy access and less of an excuse to work out.

It also provides opportunities to socialize with other renters. This makes it an amenity that could make a building stand out to renters who would be interested in that.

Parking Space or Garage

Parking spaces or a garage is one of the top amenities renters are looking for when searching for an apartment. This is a key factor in a renter’s decision. It can ensure that the renter’s vehicle is safe from the elements and away from damage.

Additionally, it eliminates the frustration of having to search for a parking space after a long day at work. For tenants who have multiple cars, some buildings may also offer multiple parking spots or a designated area for visitors to park.

Internet and Network Accessibility

With more people working remotely and utilizing streaming services, a robust, fast, and reliable internet connection is essential for modern-day renters. Renters can communicate easily with others and access streaming entertainment.

A network infrastructure capable of supporting all of today’s technology devices is also essential. This is so renters can stay connected. Access to the latest technology like Wi-Fi 6 is desirable for renters for more reliable and faster connections.

Quality internet and network access can be a major deciding factor for renters when choosing an apartment.

Laundry Area

Having access to a convenient laundry area instead of having to travel to an off-site location can save time and money. In addition, a well-lit laundry area with clean, regularly-maintained appliances can give peace of mind to tenants.

They know that their laundry needs are being taken care of. All of these features can make apartment living much more comfortable and stress-free.

Must-Have Apartment Amenities

Given a choice, renters always want to make their apartments as conveniently comfortable as possible. Try to look for apartment amenities such as a pool, gym, garage, internet, and laundry area.

With these, renters can make their living space just as welcoming and enjoyable as home. Contact your local apartment leasing office to explore the options that are available for you!

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