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Tampa Airport to Downtown Tampa: What’s the Best Way to Reach Your Destination?

If you fly into the Tampa Airport, you might touch down with vacation and good times on your mind. Maybe you will catch a Rays game while you’re in town, or perhaps doing some fishing or jet skiing is more your speed. Whatever brings you to Tampa, though, you should consider what your best method will be for getting from the airport to the bustling downtown area.

We will discuss some ways you can get from points A to B in the following article.

Car Rental

If you are thinking about car rental, Tampa airport options are varied and easily accessible. At 5405 Airport Service Road, you will find Hertz, Alamo, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. You are also not far from the Cheesecake Factory and World of Beer. You can get a tasty meal or stock up on some beverages for your vacation right after you grab yourself an appropriate vehicle.

If you are going to rent a car at the Tampa Airport, it’s probably best to call ahead or use one of the rental agency websites. However, you can also rent a vehicle on the spot. Keep in mind, though, that if you do it this way, you may be stuck having to take whatever kind of car they have rather than securing the exact type you want beforehand.


Taking an old-fashioned taxi is certainly a viable option as well. However, if you do this, it can get a little expensive. Expect to pay $30. That is a flat rate since the airport and local cab companies agreed to cap this amount.

A ride from the airport to the downtown area can take 30 minutes during the busier times of the day. You may get there in half that time if you arrive off hours.

The Tram or Number 10 Bus

The tram or number 10 bus are also options you should look at if you’re trying to get downtown from the airport. This is by far your cheapest option. It will cost you only $2 to grab a bus or tram, and they’re both air-conditioned, which is absolutely essential on the hottest summer days.

On the downside, these vehicles can get pretty crowded at peak times of day, especially during the tourist season. You never know if someone packed in next to you might have decided to skip applying deodorant that morning.

Shuttle Services

If you’re staying at a hotel in the downtown area, some upscale ones will provide you with a shuttle. Those are typically free for hotel guests.

This choice is air-conditioned as well, and the driver will help you with your luggage if you need it. It’s best to have at least a couple of dollars to tip the driver if you go this route.

A Town Car

This is perhaps the most luxurious option to get to the downtown area. You can ride in style, but expect to pay somewhere in the $55-80 range for a ride that’s usually no more than 30 minutes.

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