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Slow Travel Experience is NOT to be Missed

I’m writing to you from Dubrovnik, Croatia and it’s perfect for the slow vacation paces.  I wish to let you know that the type of traveling called slow travel is not to be missed. We’re all in a hurry to do this and that, see here and there and check things off. Our ever present or non-existent “bucket lists” need to be fulfilled! Slowly sipping on a divine glass of wine in old town the other night…

slow travel is a type of traveling you should try

My mother and I met this couple from New Hampshire who were on a bender of a trip, not my type of traveling… The longest time they spent anywhere in the last few weeks was four nights. They managed this by chartering private jets from services like Jettly. When you can jet from one spot to the next without the usual hassles of flying, you can see so much more.

This was in Prague and they aren’t young, very close to the ripe old age of 60. My mother is here for two weeks . We’re spending 4 nights in Budva and 9 in Dubrovnik, civilized yes? When you practice slow travel you really let yourself marinate in the sauce, so to speak.

Why try slow travel?

I implore you at some time in your life to do some slow travel. Go somewhere based on a great recommendation from a trustworthy source and just stay there. Spend your time eating local produce, strolling the streets. That said, slow travel can be tiring after you’ve been exploring everywhere, therefore accommodation is important. If you’re visiting Croatia, you should find the best resort in Croatia with so you can explore to your heart’s content. Act like you have all the time in the world. If you’re in the mood to do little at all, just do that.

There is an ever popular expression out there which is “I’ll need a vacation from this vacation”. What a horrible fate? Go on a vacation where you won’t need a vacation where the vacation leaves you so rested. Also leaves you so rejuvenated that when you return you’re in a relaxed state. A place where you hopefully have a new perspective on things. Slow travel Italy is a popular query, why not elsewhere? Slow travel is good anywhere, rest assured.

Vacation paces and places

If you’re going to take in the slow travel experience, plan for a slow vacation pace. I recommend you stay somewhere outside the city center. Take Dubrovnik for instance, it’s main draw is without a doubt the old city and it’s like you’ve been crammed into a sardine tin, yes? That goes against my travel philosophy, I want to feel the place, live in the place and relate to it! Moving slower also lets you take more photos of Dubrovnik should that be your mission.

It’s almost as though people need a course on the art on how you need to slow down to get around. When you slow down, you really get around but dig deeper and have more meaningful connections. We’re staying in Gruz which is about a 20 minute walk or so from old town. Also like the Lapad neighborhood where they have a few hotels, shopping, cafes and some great swimming spots. It’s like we’re on a  slow paced tour for seniors, I’m much younger but still enjoying it. Traveling at a relaxed pace is good for any age, especially seniors.

Feeling ambitious? Go on a leisure tour, there are lots available.

Final word on slow travel, my favourite type of travel

By traveling at a relaxed pace outside the core of the action you get to experience what it’s like to live as a local. Not fully but to some degree and you can always get in the mix should one wish. The prices drop and with that the pressure to fill everyday with experiences you can bring home. Ultimately, nobody really cares where you’ve been or what you’ve done. So on your vacation I urge you to get really selfish and ask yourself, how could I best spend my day? Chances are it’s not racing from one place to another. It’s not taking photos until your camera’s battery dies. If that’s your bag, go for it. If it’s not, give the slow travel experience a try.

In closing, I like all types of travel and enjoy a manic rip through the odd spot. I also like just as much as a slow roll but don’t only do one! Experience both and find out for yourself which one fits your style. Are you tired from a long winter of work? Try the slow travel experience. Are you feeling bored with your life and want some excitement? Go nuts and and push yourself, late nights an early mornings. There is no right or wrong way to travel. Much like there is no right or wrong way to live your life. Do try other types of travel  you’re not accustomed to. A small change in vacation pace might be what you were looking for all along.

Top photo is a view of Gruz Harbour from our apartment.

Tips hat,

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