Getting a VIP Data Sim Card in Croatia



In the past I was lazy about getting a data plan when arriving in a new country. Possibly because I’m originally from Canada and the idea of cheap and easy data somehow hasn’t reached them yet. Luckily, getting a data sim card in Croatia is incredibly easy and inexpensive.

1 – Go to VIP and ask for the tourist data offer.

2 – Pay 20K which is ~$3.70US for the sim card which comes with ~2 gigs in first 48 hours.

3 – Choose the 10K a day for 1GB and buy a voucher. (10K, 50K, 100K etc…)

4- Get them to load your voucher up with however many days you will be there.

5 – Enjoy fast and reliable data as long as you’re in Croatia.

6- Say hvala aka thanks to the kind clerk and walk out the door with a smile.

You don’t even need a passport, just show up with a fistful of fiat currency and a smile.

If only all of life could be this easy?

Tips hat,

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