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Glimpse of Living Like a Local in Dubrovnik


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Tonight I’m packing my bags and doing what I’ve done a thousand times before; preparing to explore somewhere new. The last few days I’ve been getting a glimpse of what it’s like living here in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I did the whole tourist style visit when I stayed in a hotel and visited the old city doing some tours. Lately, I’ve been in an apartment of sorts attached to a large home owned by a lovely local family and I’ve been going about my business as I would anywhere in the world.


I’m in Gruz near the harbour in a big stone house that is over a hundred years old. The house is on the Lapad peninsula and over looks the harbour. The property is quite big and it feels like I’m on a private country estate but actually still in the center of the city; the perfect combination for a gentleman like myself. Last night I strolled into the old city and it took me roughly 25 minutes. It was a pleasurable walk with surreal scenery; so much so that I went back again this afternoon for one last iced cream.


I feel that if you visit a place, take the photos and eat the local dishes you read a short sentence in the book about the place. By staying a little longer and getting a glimpse into what it’s like actually living there you read a pleasant paragraph. We can never read the entire book of every place in the world as sadly our time on this planet is finite and the options are infinite. That said, if you can get to peruse a paragraph and find it pleasant; that’s a positive experience which helps you grow and better interpret your next stop.


I’ve loved my time and these days, it’s a pretty peaceful existence here from what I’ve seen. The family I’m staying with is also incredibly hospitable and I’ve enjoyed fish stews and wine with fantastic cheeses and other local dishes on their vine covered veranda. I do like Dubrovnik and should you come here, I think you can’t go wrong in the Gruz / Lapad areas. Shopping is around the corner, the harbour is front and center and a short stroll away from some great swimming beaches.


There also seems to be quite a bit of decent fishing in the area. I don’t have a rod with me which is quite ridiculous but such is life and I’d of been too tired to use it anyways. I’m routinely seeing older gents trying their luck and if you walk along the seawall the activity will surprise you. There are countless fish swimming about; most small but where there are lots of small fish, the big ones are sure to follow. Also lots of interesting characters strolling about from the private yachts docked here; it’s laid back yet lively.


When you’re traveling long-term it’s like eating a feast of experiences that never stops and that’s a good thing. What is also good is taking the time when necessary to slow down and let it all digest aka sink in. I’ve been at a cross roads of sorts and Dubrovnik will rank up there with Las Penitas, Nicaragua as somewhere in which I spent time alone and really figured out the next steps. If you just move around the world without a plan, you’re drifting and those who drift often end up on the rocks.


Last night I rolled into the old city to sample some more nightlife. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Dubrovnik is much more than a beautiful historic city. The place comes alive and you can have as good a night out there as you can anywhere. The party in the fortress aka Revelin last night was solid and since Dubrovnik is so sought after; it was like being at a function with guests from around the world. I didn’t stay too late and managed to squeeze in a final night cap at d’vino wine bar aka my favorite hangout for a beverage inside the city walls.


I’d continue but I must pack. If you’re in Dubrovnik and looking for a place to stay away from it all but still in the center, give my friend Teresa a call at 3852098580391 internationally or 098 580 391 locally and see if she’s got a room for you.  The photo immediately above is the house and top photo is harbour view from the third floor. Thoroughly enjoyed this location and as I mentioned before; would happily stay but the show must go on… Stay tuned for more blogs and videos about Dubrovnik in the not too distant future.


















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