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Loving Budva, Montenegro


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This will be brief but wanted to check in with you quickly before I check out of my hotel. I’ve been on the Budva Riviera for nearly a week now and the time has just flown by; to say I love it here would be an incredible understatement. In the short time I’ve been here I’ve got to experience so many different things but above all else, I just like the vibe, people, lifestyle and surreal scenery…


I like it here so much that later today I’m going to look at an apartment and possibly stay for a month. I’ve got some work I want to do and can’t think of a more beautiful and inspiring spot to base myself for a bit to get down to business. The town of Budva is without a doubt the hub of the Budva Riviera but this stretch along the Adriatic Sea has numerous smaller villages and towns all with their own character.


While here in Montenegro I’ve had the pleasure of going rafting in the Tara Canyon, boating in Skadar Lake, bicycling in Perast and visited countless other places as well including Kotor, Podgorica, some villages high in the hills above the Budva Riviera, monasteries, Sveti Stefan and more. I’ve been lucky and staying at Avala Hotel & Villas which is basically at the base of Budva’s old town. In the evenings this old town comes alive and people from all over the world pour into its tight streets to enjoy some solid seafood and nightlife.


There is a bar called Jef which is not to be missed in the heart of old town; it’s popular among locals and tourists. At 10:30pm it starts to fill and by 10:45pm you’d be lucky to find a seat. It’s got great music and a contagious vibe; all my nights out in old town have ended there and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Tonight is the opening night of an open air bar called Top Hill which is, well, on top of a hill overlooking Budva. This bar was recommended to me by several people before I even arrived and thrilled to be going.


Tomorrow I’m off to Petrovac for an evening which is a town in the Budva Riviera. I’ve visited it before briefly and if you do go, look into the seaside restaurant called Katic. I had one of the best meals in recent memory there involving squid ink risotto and a grilled catch of the day but more on that later. I’m transferring into an apartment in old town once finished writing this where I’ll be spending the night. What I’m shocked about is that it took me this long to come back to the Balkans, what was I thinking?!


Much more on Budva and the rest of Montenegro later…

FYI – I was invited to the Budva Riviera by Budva Travel but obviously all thoughts are mine as they always have been and always will be. The trip ended yesterday but I’m staying here longer as I’m in no mood to leave.

Tips hat,

10 thoughts on “Loving Budva, Montenegro

  1. I can’t think of a nicer place you could be staying, and who knew that Montenegro was so beautiful? I mean, I’ve heard good things from friends and read a few nice articles, but never have I seen pictures of the beautiful waters before.

    1. I had heard good things too but blown away; hanging out longer on my own as I’m in no mood to leave.

  2. Very nice text. It awakes nice momeories; “teenage me” spent summers there with my friends. I also suggest Boka Kotorska and Durmitor mountain…

  3. So frigging gorgeous in such a small nation … Montenergo is now on my radar because this particular post Rob!

    P.S. Any signs that this country is digital nomad friendly, vis a vis living costs (rent, food, entertainment)?

    1. It’s beyond affordable compared to Western Europe and it could be a good winter base. It’s low seasons so prices drop drastically and it’s known for mild winters and 230 days of sunshine a year. One could expect temperatures in the range of 8-14 degrees with a mean temp of ~9 degrees in the winter months; sure beats -40 + windchill.

      An older reader inquired about what it’s like in winter already…

  4. thanks for sharing your trips in Montenegro..lovely pictures you got here! I was in Kotor and Budva last year and stayed in Avala Resort which is just some steps from the beach..would love to visit this place again! thanks for following in twitter..i did! safe travels to you!

    1. Thanks Ruby and Avala has a great location! Really glad I got to see what Budva is all about and decided to stay a while longer to get a better feel for the place.

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