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Off to Budva, Montenegro



The time is 6am and I’m getting ready to go to Budva, Montenegro. This is a spot in which I’ve heard lots of good things over the last few months and I’m beyond excited to get a chance to visit. I’d of been visiting it on my own anyways as I’m touring the coast but the fine people from Budva sent me an invitation and naturally, I said of course. So you know, Budva is the main town along the Budva Riviera which spans ~25km along the coast and comprises of 40 small villages.

While in Budva, I’m going to be doing some exploring as well as white water rafting in Tara River Canyon; it’s the deepest in Europe! After the rafting, I’ll be visiting Porto Montenegro which is one of the Mediterraneans leading luxury yacht marinas. Besides that I’ll spend some time in Boka Bay and explore more of the Budva Riviera. This should prove interesting and afterwards I’m going to stick around for a bit or continue exploring the rest of of the country.

I’ll be there for 4-5 nights officially and who knows how long after that? Based on what I’ve read so far, I think it will be a great fit and it even has a golf course which sadly is under repair. So you know, Budva is a small coastal town of only about 18,000 people and one of the oldest settlements along the Adriatic Coast. Besides the nightlife it’s also known for sandy beaches and great examples of Mediterranean architecture.; indeed.

I’d continue but it’s time to pack as I’m getting picked up in less than two hours; see you in Budva!

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