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Family Travel is the Best Kind of Travel


Greetings from the Budva Riviera,

I’m writing this from an apartment I rented in the heart of old town Budva and in the room next to me, my mother is taking a nap and catching a few zZzzZ before we head out for dinner. You see, she just flew 20 hours from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to come join me.  In 2011 we traveled some of Italy until we got to a town called Taormina on the island of Sicily; loved it so much we just rented an apartment until it was her time to leave.

I’ve been absolutely loving the Adriatic Coast here in the Balkans and it has that same classic charm which Taormina had so one day, while sitting in said apartment I decided to be spontaneous and wake my mother up with an early phone call asking her if she wanted to come join me in the Balkans. After a few second of hesitation she said “yes” and now a few days later she is here.

I’m telling you this because family travel is the best kind of travel. Just because you’re not a kid anymore it doesn’t mean you need to have kids… Remember that as long as your parents are alive, you’ll always be the kid and you all just get older, yes? There are trips you can take with your mates, school trips or group trips whatever… End of the day how many of them will be with you until the bitter end? Your family members are your people…

You don’t need to fly to the other side of the world either, you can literally go anywhere because it’s seldom the place which your remember most but an event or two which happened in said place which you’ll all remember fondly forever. There is a joke in my family about “being in transit”  from over 20 years ago and I won’t repeat it because you had to be there(like all travel stories). That said,  it happened at a highway stop going to I don’t even know where and to this day, still brings lots of laughter.

Also, while I stroll these old stone streets I often ponder things like “how many people walked this street before me?” Hanging out in old towns or cities is a real reminder that we’re all here for a finite time; that building may be here for hundreds of years but you won’t be and you can bank on that. So go somewhere, anywhere with your family and do it soon; your family members are those that small squabbles aside will be with you until the end and memories made traveling are ones that last.

I’d continue but I do believe my mom is waking up and it’s time to explore the old town before deciding somewhere to get some grilled fish. If you’re in the Budva Riviera I highly recommend you hit up the ink squid risotto at some point; I don’t even like risotto but loved this. Also, plan a trip with your family, you’re never too old and for some reason it’s almost as though great memories you make at an older age are appreciated more like most of the finer things in life.

Tips hat,

P.S: This photo was taken by the sea on the ride form the airport in Podgorica to Budva.

6 thoughts on “Family Travel is the Best Kind of Travel

  1. Makes me sad that my parents couldn’t make our trip to Italy last year. They are heading there on their own in September though. I’m glad they’re going, but wish it was with us last year.

    1. Indeed and sure you could have introduced them to some nice foods based on your domains. Good news is possibility for future trips to make it happen.

  2. Funny you mention this. We feel pretty much the same way with family travel, that it almost forces us to slow down. It’s nice to have a comforting vacation with family, in stark contrast to our super cheap, always spontaneous, low-maintenance backpacking travels. Sometimes it’s nice to just lay back, relax, and BE with family!

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