Shaunessy Golf Club, Vancouver, BC

Shaunessy Golf  Country Club Vancouver British Columbia

While in Vancouver I had the chance to pay golf at the Shaunessy Golf & Country Club. It’s one of Vancouver’s best courses and hosts many professional competitions. This hole I liked in particular because if done correctly, you can send a mad hook on that ball. That said, put too much hook and you’re in the woods. It’s about 150 yards straight and then you need to draw it around the corner.

If you mess up, it has a big ditch in front so most just hit it straight. The problem is if you do, there is no way to reach the green in two shots and it’s a par 4. Suffice to say it cut close and I was ok. Still didn’t make par. Doubt I even made bogey, ha.

If you lived in Vancouver though it would be tough to get to after work. It’s not downtown and more towards Surrey which would make “after work rounds” quite difficult to achieve. That is one thing about Ottawa, golf courses everywhere once you leave the city and lots on the Quebec side as well.

Great course, immaculately kept. Memorable day.

Tips hat,

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