A $4.50 Hotel Room in Kuta, Bali

Puri Agung Guesthouse Hotel Kuta Bali


The first night I got into Bali, I had to pay $20us for a room not much better. The next day I found this “gem”. It had an awesome patio, great guests and even cooler staff. The room wasn’t much but it had more than I needed. The cost was $4.50 a night as it was “high season”. The people there grandfathered us in as I believe it went to $5.25.

The name is the Puri Agung and is situated about ~5-8 minute walk from Kuta Beach. Each room comes with it’s own cold shower, toilet and a fan. When there are blackouts, you don’t want to be in the room as it’s insanely hot. You may see the odd cockroach from time to time but it’s like that everywhere in Kuta.

This place and 2-3 others are in the price range and are usually taken up by long term guests / beach bums. Be ready to pay a high price first few days and if you are lucky, you can get into one of these. Also, next door has  extremely cheap food. Doesn’t look like much but it fills the void and the lady is super sweet.

Crazy how you can get a room near the beach for less than a burger combo.

Tips hat,

P.S: They will change your sheets free every few days.

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