Caribbean Lobster Lunches on Big Corn Island


Good day,

I’m outta here soon and quite excited about it. I do love it here but change is the spice of life and I’m ready to burn my internals, so to speak. One thing I love about living in the Caribbean and doing what I do in these parts is the cheap seafood. Often times, I’ll spend the whole day on my comptuer doing stuff and when I close my door, I could be anywhere in the world but it’s when you walk out that door that makes all the difference in the world…

Around the corner from my “office” if you want to call it that is a place called Jeanettes and I love it. It’s my breakfast spot without fail and yesterday a lady I met asked if I wanted to join her for a lobster lunch. Naturally, I said sure and it was delicious. I want you to take a good look at that photo… I’m just thinking of where I used to live and what was available in the $8 range; all I can think of is a foot long sub from Subway which is not in the same league.

Pros and cons to every lifestyle in every location; this is one of the pros of living in the Caribbean.

I’m out of here on Monday and heading to Granada few days before returning to Managua and catching a flight to London via Miami. I think that’s the plan but I’m not holding any tickets besides one from Malta to Frankfurt on the 14th of April so time will tell, yes?

Tips hat,

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