Shot of Sunrise in Sally Peachy, Big Corn Island


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This is a shot of sunrise I took the other day in the Sally Peachy area of Big Corn Island off the coast of Nicaragua in the Caribbean. Dead ahead is Jamaica I believe and to the left, I’m sure it’s the south-end of Little Corn Island. Many are put off from Big Corn because they only experience the port; I was one of those.

Sally Peachy and the whole south-end are really sweet; so is Long Bay.  If you fly into the island ask the driver to take you to the port the long way; he probably won’t care especially if he has a packed ride. You’ll cruise through all sorts of untapped beaches and what I mean is that it’s just beaches with crazy coral reefs beyond and few people besides a few local kids playing.

If you do stay longer; you can also rent golf carts with 4×4 like setups; pretty slick and heard it’s only $30 a day. That said, if you’re flying solo why bother? At $0.70 a cab ride to anywhere on the island you can be living the cab-de-loca sans Ricky Martin as your driver for the cheap; that’s what I do.

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