Shot of Sunrise in Sally Peachy, Big Corn Island


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This is a shot of sunrise I took the other day in the Sally Peachy area of Big Corn Island off the coast of Nicaragua in the Caribbean. Dead ahead is Jamaica I believe and to the left, I’m sure it’s the south-end of Little Corn Island. Many are put off from Big Corn because they only experience the port; I was one of those.

Sally Peachy and the whole south-end are really sweet; so is Long Bay.  If you fly into the island ask the driver to take you to the port the long way; he probably won’t care especially if he has a packed ride. You’ll cruise through all sorts of untapped beaches and what I mean is that it’s just beaches with crazy coral reefs beyond and few people besides a few local kids playing.

If you do stay longer; you can also rent golf carts with 4×4 like setups; pretty slick and heard it’s only $30 a day. That said, if you’re flying solo why bother? At $0.70 a cab ride to anywhere on the island you can be living the cab-de-loca sans Ricky Martin as your driver for the cheap; that’s what I do.

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5 thoughts on “Shot of Sunrise in Sally Peachy, Big Corn Island

  1. I think I recognize the roof in your photo. If so, it is the roof of a house that was transported from Fiji or Tahiti – can’t remember which country. or so I was told. The American owner apparently barged it to Big Corn. It was for sale last time I was there. The nicest beach on the Island is Arenas beach, in my opinion. Also, “downtown” can be kind of fun if you are an adventurous sort. In general though, the Island is completely bereft of nightlife except on Saturday eve, and especially Sunday eve after the ball game. I am missing the place. Might show up in a week or so

    1. It’s a unique roof, yes? If you come let me know!

      I’ll be around the islands for another 3 weeks, good sir.

  2. Hola, Rob! Came back yesterday from two months in Central America. When we were in Nicaragua and looking at places to visit, saw Little Corn Island and thought of you.

      1. We did!

        From a cliff overlooking Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala to my first in-person view of the Panama Canal, I have wonderful memories of our first “real” travel adventure.

        Even though we didn’t visit your island, we did hang out on Ometepe a bit.

        The past year has been crazy! I hope you are safe, wherever you are at the moment.

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