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Missed Flight & Standby on the Corn Islands


Good day,

I’m as busy as I’ve ever been tying up loose ends here. The blog has been slow but SHABL is a deep lake if you will and there has been lots going on beneath the surface which, one day, will be come apparent.  I could have sworn that I booked an afternoon flight out of Corn Island to Managua but when I just looked at my ticket while sitting in my office, I noticed that it was this morning. I haven’t missed a flight in my life I don’t think but if I had gotten that flight; I’d of missed out on something bigger…

So yeah, missing a flight normally isn’t a huge deal but this is high season in these parts and I’m standby on the afternoon one. My fingers are crossed and spirits high but who knows if my zepplin will become instantly deflated at 2pm when I receive some bad news? There aren’t boats leaving for a while and if worse comes to worse; may have to fly to Bluefields and catch the panga for two hours down the winding rivers to Rama where I’ll spend the night or catch a 6 hour bus to Managua. Trust me, just writing about that journey makes me feel ill.

This is a small setback for sure but it’s not the end of the world and luckily I’ve given myself time. I need to be in Malta on the 8th of April but this is defintely some uneeded stress. Standby can be stressful internationally as well, a confirmed flight on Skyscanner is less to think about.

So, I’d like to invite you to learn from my mistake and always check your tickets a few days in advance; regardless of how sure you are. If you’ve booked a ticket somewhere for a few months it’s very easy to forget; especially if you’re absent minded at times like some of us…

The plan is get to Managua, meet a friend in Granada and a day or so later fly to Miami before heading to London.

Lots to do, still lots of time; let’s just hope this standby roulette works as I’ve got it all riding on red.

Chilling on the islands was great but nothing makes you feel more alive then setting sail somewhere new…

Tips hat,

P.S: This photo was taken from the east-side of Little Corn Island. Not bad, eh?

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