Video: Panga to Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

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I made this video the other day and figure I’d share it now or it will forever be forgotten. I remember when I first got here; there would be one panga and it was half full; usually with locals. These days, it’s often two full pangas a day which each hold about 50 people; no surprise random backpackers can be found camping along the coast from time to time as demand for rooms increases and supply stays somewhat the same…

The panga between the Corn Islands is rough and you probably will get wet so dress accordingly. The middle-middle of this boat is the best place to sit in my opinion. The back of the boat gets the least amount of bumps but quite wet; the front is a rollercoaster and the middle is just right. Also, avoid being near the side where the prevailing winds come from as they are the ones who take the brunt of it.


On Monday and Thursday, there is the big boat that people call “The Yacht”. It’s way more comfortable but a bit slower and if you get seasick easily; it might just ruin your day. The reason is that it’s higher and moves slower so it gets tossed around more while the panga tends to cut through everything with sheer speed. Now, if you do take the big boat, go downstairs as the rocking is less but a lot louder so choose your poison.

Finally, always put your passport in a plastic bag. I forgot I had it with me the other day and was last in the boat and got the worst seat. Sure enough I got soaked but managed to keep my computer dry while completely forgetting my passport. It seems alright but there has been some damage so hopefully that won’t be a problem; sigh.

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P.S: I need to find more free music sources.

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