Say “Hello” to Little Corn Island’s New Generator


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I’m writing this with a massive smile because the photo above was taken yesterday. A brand new Catepillar generator just arrived on Little Corn Island in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Nicaragua. Rumor is that in the next few weeks Little Corn will have power 24 hours a day and you have no idea how happy I am to hear that. You all take power for granted and so did I until you flip that switch in the mid-day heat and have no fan to cool your jets or find yourself sitting with piles of dead devices.

I’ve been on Big Corn for the last while and this photo was taken from the Little Corn Island FB page; props to whoever took it and assuming John from Traquilo Cafe. I’m curious how they are going to move it; well I know how just it will be quite the feat. Probably put it on rollers and a whole town full of man power. This is a huge advancement and I sincerely hope that this fixes the problem. Power outages happen from time to time but when it’s not working more than it is; your devices die and you better hope you have a room with a breeze.

My Caribbean digital dream is coming closer…

That’s it for now, here another few weeks then off to Malta but more on that later…

Update: Power has been on since they plugged in the new generator; happy days!

Update II: The power has been regular from ~1-2PM – ~5-6AM.

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9 thoughts on “Say “Hello” to Little Corn Island’s New Generator

  1. Hey Rob! Yes, the pic was snapped by me. It was an impressive watching the manly men of Little Corn come out and move it several hundred meters to it’s resting place. Rollers, timber, ropes, and roughly 30 men got it done. A reall community-comes-together effort.
    Now, if they will just start a new era of proper maintenance and fuel management, maybe, just maybe, we might achieve 24 a day power.
    FYI, this one is a brand spankin’ new 400 kw Caterpillar… Which as I type this is running at only 33% of it’s capacity in the heat of the day… So hopefully no more stories passed around about the island “not having enough power”. It will burn a bit more diesel, so they’ll have to sort out the fuel situation, but other than that, if they just change the oil once in a while, should serve the island for many years to come.

    1. Thanks for the update and great picture. I’m sure it was quite the effort and would have loved to have seen it; moving that a few hundred meters is no small feat.

      Let’s hope this is the beginning of a new era; one with 24×7 electricity!

  2. Hey Rob,, this is good news!! Now you wont have to go back and forth to big corn,,, I think you should run for mayor next time and start putting little corn on the map!! MMMMmalta sounds like fun cant wait to hear about your next dental

    1. Still do until they fix the internet but it’s all coming and straight up; love Big Corn as well. Little Corn is home but this is a dope place to spend a few days a week.

  3. Love the rusty old ships. Spotting vehicles is one of my favourite activities whenever I’m traveling

  4. that boat brings memories. Just recently it had an accident in the river with a big cargo ship and sank. No longer Captain D.

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