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Big Corn Island as a Caribbean Business Base



Little Corn Island in the Caribbean Sea is absolutely perfect in everyway for what it is; that said what it isn’t, it really isn’t. It’s perfect for lazy days by the beach, enjoying delicious cocktails at sunset, diving, snorkeling, relaxing, clearing your mind and all that jazz. That said, it’s a specialty spot on this planet and is by no means something that caters to everyone and every need. That’s totally cool for the majority of people visiting as well but not for this gent.

It’s only 7:08am right now and I’ve done more on Big Corn in two hours than I would in a week or so on Little Corn Island. The internet on Big Corn is by no means one of the best in the world but I can do what I wish and download at speeds not that different than my old homebase of Ottawa, Canada. Rather unreal, yes? Also, Big Corn aka Corn Island has 24 hour power and a host of amenities not available on the little island.

Yesterday, the power went out and I was shocked if not down right disgusted. On the little island, when the power comes on I clap my hands and rejoice for the fortunate circumstances. Something else that is cool about Corn Island is that the dining options are plentiful. On Little Corn Island, it seems most of the local people make their own food and everything you can purchase is considerably higher and aimed at a tourist coming through who is “on vacation”.

Granted, the prices are still cheap on Little Corn Island without a doubt from a global perspective, they are very expensive from a Central American one. Also, rather steep compared to Corn Island. That said, I’ve always noted that the little island is money compared to the mainland and a straight up bargain basement price compared to the rest of the Caribbean. I’m about to roll out of bed, do 3000 pushups and order “the usual” from my morning spot. It’s 2 fried eggs, fresh lime to squeeze in some water, a pot of coffee and a bowl of beans for $2US.

Something else that is wonderful is that “the bus” to get here aka the ferry only costs ~$6 each way and it’s a 40 minute journey across the Caribban Sea. You realize back home, may routinely spend more on gas and then have to pay for parking. I rent a room and have turned it into my “Big Office” as my “Little Office” is on the small isand and let’s say it is not the most productive of offices I’ve had the distinct pleasure of calling home. Speaking of prices, it costs ~$0.70 to go anywhere on the island…

What does that mean? I’ll tell you what that means. The small island may be smaller but walking to that north side is some feat in the mid-day sun. Here, I can flag down one of the countless cabs and be delivered to a pristine and often deserted snorkel station to get my game on and when I’m done, flag down another cab for the same price and be done with it. Other day, I hitchhiked for the fun of it and got picked up by this industrial truck of sorts; solid times.

So yeah, I’ve got a busy day and it only took me a month to truly figure out that coming to Big Corn aka Corn Island on Monday – Thurs is beyond productive. Considering we’re really “out there”, very lucky to have this place as a base so close by. I do believe the ultimate way to live this game is spend the start of the week here and leave to the little one for long weekends. If busienss is slow, leave Thursday afternoon and if it’s flat out fantastic, leave Friday. If one had a family, could easily do the commute daily…

I like both these islands and really glad to be finally exploring the bigger of the two.

I’d go on but I’ve got work to do, where did that last month of my life go? Oh yeah…

Tips hat,

P.S: Yes, Big Corn has next level beaches as well; it’s just bigger and less laid-back.

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