Slice of Caribbean Life on Little Corn Island


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If the world were on big pie and we could eat what we please I’d most certainly say I’ve sampled a few of such said slices. There aren’t many slices that look or feel quite like one cooked right here in the Caribbean. It’s sweet with a strong coconut flavor, lots of sugar and the portions are plentiful. I’ve been spending time in lots of places lately none of them can compare to what my eyes, stomach and soul feast on from the moment I set foot near the sea, scratch some sand flea and finally must flee myself.

I’ve been here going on a month or so in a few days and it feels like I only got here. My suitcase sits where it was placed carelessly long ago on the floor still un-packed. I’ve got a treasure chest that I leave here and I’m always keen to explore through; this time I found lots of rusted fishing tackle as some pirate sealed said chest with a rusty piece of rebar; whoops. A typical day is waking up early and wandering the sandy beaches as the sunrises on my way to find coffee and conversation.

Some work is done or at least attempted before just another something happens and derails the train. That said, I’m in an odd position where productivity is on my mind; most come here to unwind and the less the better in terms of what’s on their mind. I’m sitting here in my office and a character from the travel scene just appeared; he’d come here 5 years ago and can’t help but remark how much it has changed but stayed the same and how much less change he has left in his pocket at days end.

As the day goes on some fresh seafood is procured and enjoyed with the easy sea breeze while you lounge under the shade of some trees. At night, people from here and around the world gather in popular locations along the coast to raise a toast as day turns to night and enjoy a sunset over the Caribbean Sea which is always quite the sight. The next day is similar to the last and it’s always someone’s first night or their last; a great place to be “right here” with no thoughts of the future or the past.

Sadly, for all of us our time here will never truly last. Whether it’s a a few days, a week, years or a lifetime; one day everyboyd leaves. It’s places like that which make you truly enjoy the time inbetween as I’ve never once wished I was elsewhere or even dreamed of what somewhere would be like; right here is good and the grass is green enough. Snorkeling, kite surfing, paddling boarding, scuba diving, seafood and fishing are all common themes and you only see shorts and sandals; no snow or salty jeans.

Time spent on an island like Little Corn is nice and from the pie, the finest of slice.

Tips hat,

10 thoughts on “Slice of Caribbean Life on Little Corn Island

  1. Nicely said, sir. Sounds like you’re enjoying LCI to the max. Between sketchy internet connections and just “doing nothing,” your posts are less frequent. But, knowing how easy it is to slide into “chill mode” on LCI, I cannot blame you. Let me know if you’ve been chasing fish with rod & reel (or handline) and if you’ve had any success. The pics on Instagram are great too, BTW.

    1. I’ve been catching random fish and a friend killing it with bone fish. I haven’t been much; just relaxing but back into it and on Big Corn Island now.

      Really need to start balancing time between the two better; same same but different places with similar style but different amenities! 😉

      Great to hear from you, good sir.

  2. Visits to places such as this always make me wish we could slow down time and just enjoy the ‘pie’ a little bit longer.



  3. Hi Rob!
    My best friend traveled to Little Corn Island a while back and had met you there. Her name is Nadia, from California. 6 of my girlfriends and I are traveling there after a volunteer trip in Manauga, Nicaragua from August 16th-22nd. She speaks of the beauty and special nature of Little Corn and mentioned that I should check out your blog. We are impressed! If you have any tips or info to share, it would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully you will be on the island (fingers crossed) to hang with us while we are there! We are coming from san francisco and are ridiculously excited to see Nicaragua and the island. Thanks!

    1. Sadly I won’t be there but you’re going to love it. My advice is to take a step back from time to time to realize where you are as time flies when you’re having fun. Also, do go to the north end of the island near Yemaya and walk left along the beach until the end, there is a little section before the beach ends and that’s my fav spot to hang out.

      Sadly, I’ll still be in Europe but enjoy.

      Also, PLEASE tell Randy that “Lobster says hi from Europe”. 🙂

      1. hey rob….im considering moving to the corn islands, but having some trouble considering which one….im looking to stay at least 6 months….do you reckon it would be a good place to stay long term? or? any advice would be helpful….also im bringing my dog….hope to hear from you soon and have fun on your travels!


        1. Hi Megan,

          Big Corn has way better internet, 24 hour power when it works and is cheaper. That said, it doesn’t have the same expat community so not sure if that’s an issue or not. I mean there are expats there but there is a decidedly different vibe than Little Corn.

          Little Corn is where I live but usually go to Big Corn during the week if I have any web work to do because it’s just ridiculous on Little Corn and there is no power until 2PM.

          I hope this helps but seriously, just show up and stay a few nights on each, talk to some people and go from there. I’m Little Corn all the way but the more I spend on Big Corn, the more I like it…


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