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How Sommeliers Can Enjoy Their Time & Have Lots of Fun

Alcoholic beverages are an integral part of humankind, it has been like that for thousands of years. Our early ancestors were pioneers in biotechnology without even knowing what that means.

They used yeast and other microorganisms to make useful everyday products for them, which is exactly what biotechnology is. Even though they had no clue what was going on, they mastered something that is very hard to master.


The influence of alcoholic beverages is much greater than many people can comprehend. That does not mean that alcoholic beverages are a pure source of joy, everyone knows it can go the other way around. However, enjoying these drinks in a healthy manner is a very fun and engaging activity. Sommeliers know that all too well, and you can have lots of fun by being one.

Winery tours

The best trip a sommelier can think of is definitely a winery tour. There is nothing better than visiting a beautiful vineyard and tasting some wine made on the spot. Every vineyard is unique in its own way, which is why no two winery tours are the same.

There is so much variety between the grapes and the methods people take care of them. Most of the time, they are also accompanied by a beautiful mansion which is also a nice treat.

The holy grail of winery tours is definitely Bordeaux in France. This is the capital of wine in the whole world, but that does not mean it is the only one. Visiting a local winery is also a very beautiful experience as was already mentioned.

Every winery has its own soul, especially the small local ones that are taking extra care of their smaller or bigger vineyard. The wine is always fresh and you are bound to have an intimate experience tasting it.

Talking to other sommeliers

It is important to enjoy something, but also do not forget to share the enjoyment. Some hobbies can be even more fun when they are done with other people, such as wine tasting. It is uniquely your experience, but this experience is unique for everyone else.

Thus, talking to other sommeliers can be an eye-opening experience filled with rich discussions. Not only that but there is a high chance you will find out about wines you never heard about before.

And, the chances are that your interests will align with many other sommeliers. You can meet some pretty interesting people through this interaction, so do not be shy. The best way to meet such people is, again, through winery tours.

Other ways include visiting wine fairs and competitions. You are bound to find some unique people by visiting these important wine events. The atmosphere is especially nice over there because everyone is enjoying their drinks.

Enjoying the wine

Being a sommelier is all about enjoying the wine, not tasting it for the sake of tasting it. Never forget to enjoy these moments of tasting and not consider them as work. If tasting wine ever feels more like a chore than enjoyment, you should make a small break.

That way, you will remember why you are a sommelier in the first place. With this time spent taking a break, your taste buds will get a fresh new perspective on new wines to come. Always enjoy your glasses of wine, with a great balance of course because you do not want to overdo it as well.

Other hobbies

Do not forget to enjoy other things besides wine, there is so much to go around. If you are a sommelier, chances are that you also like tasty food besides tasty wine. The first thing that is usually on the menu is cheese, a lot of different types of cheese.

Besides the cuisine, there are a lot of other things you can enjoy besides using your taste receptors. Reading books that are not related to wine can bring you a fresh new perspective on many things. You can also start collecting and solving puzzles, there are a lot of different hobbies that you can enjoy as a sommelier. 

These are the main ways you can enjoy your time as a sommelier, this is what being a sommelier is all about. It is about exploring wine and going beyond wine to explore many different aspects of this world.

It is about exploring and having fun while doing so, that is what a sommelier should strive for. There is a lot of gatekeeping and classism when it comes to being a sommelier, but that is only a stereotype. It is time to break such rules and be something greater than that while showing the world what a sommelier really is.

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