Have Your Teeth Whitened by a Pro

Personal appearance is important to many people. When you look clean and put together, you have a professional look that can be helpful in many fields. Particularly in sales and other careers which involve contact with others, looking your best is key. A great smile can be a valuable asset and a big part of that smile is white teeth. This is not easy to achieve but there are ways to get those bright choppers.

Whitening Toothpaste and Kits

Professional teeth whitening is the most effective method but it can be costly. There are other DIY methods that cost less and work well for some people.

  • Toothpastes – There are toothpastes that can make teeth whiter. They are the least expensive method but they are not as effective as other ways and can reduce enamel and cause decay.
  • Tooth whitening kits – There are kits available that involve the application of a chemical that whitens teeth. They cost more than toothpaste and work better but often use bleach or substances that could be harmful.
  • Tooth whitening strips – There are strips that can be applied to the teeth and removed after a specified period of time. They are not super expensive and somewhat effective.

DIY methods of tooth whitening are cost-effective but usually don’t work as well as the professional ways.

Professional Whitening

Although the most expensive way to go, professional teeth whitening is the safest and most effective. It’s the method of choice for actors and other show business professionals whose livelihood is impacted by the appearance of their teeth. Professional whitening is performed by a dentist. Hygiene is emphasized and the method used is tailored to your individual needs. Having a pro whiten your teeth is clean, safe, and the most effective method of all.

White teeth can boost your appearance and are essential in some careers. There are several DIY methods but the safety and effectiveness of having it done professionally are worth the extra cost.

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