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Top Games To Play When Bored Online

If you like video games, you need to know a few games to play when bored online. When bored, feeling motivated to do anything, even draw can be tough. Heck, sometimes the chat rooms even get boring.

You can always find motivation to play games when we’re not feeling like doing anything else; it’s an easy escape. You can even get boring things like writing assingments out of the way by using services that are provided here! So, to help you satisfy your thirst for games, here are the top 10 fun games to play when boredom strikes online.

Daymare Town Series

Daymare Town Series is an online puzzle game that borders on the horror genre of games. This mysterious and weird game has some of the creepiest music we’ve ever heard in an online platformer.

However, that won’t stop you from solving each puzzle as you make your way through the town in a bid to escape. This platformer might look and sound scary, but it offers tons of fun to avoid having a boring life.

Crash Planning

You’d be surprised how much fun this one offers. Also, many of you will love it simply because it’s a very unique online game that offers the player the chance to play it without even your boss noticing it.

Simply put, Crash Planning looks like a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet where you have to align multiple columns to make them disappear. You win by aligning all of the columns and subsequently disappearing the entire spreadsheet.

Crash Planning is a great way to beat the boredom at work, and your boss won’t even notice you’re playing anything.

Snow Line

The mechanics of this online platformer are very simple and very easy. The goal in the game is to draw a line of snow so that Santa can make his descent. This shouldn’t be a problem for you as you’ll pretty much figure things out in no time.

Snow Line is a Miniclip-based game and it requires you to be very careful when making Santa’s descent. The game isn’t easy as there are more obstacles in the way the more you progress. Each obstacle will push Santa off the mountain and that’s exactly the sort of challenge you need to beat the boredom.

The Maze

The Maze is quite possibly one of the best online platformers you’ll play in a while.

The objective of the game is to reach page number 45. This might sound very weird, but the game is actually quite brilliant. You see, The Maze is based on a real book by Christopher Manson.

In his book, The Maze, the reader gets intrigued by the endless mystery and puzzle-solving of the main protagonist. And just like the book, the game is written in a text format.

Each page has a door and each door leads to a different page of the book. Like we said, your objective is to reach page number 45. Be careful though as you’ll quickly realize that it’s easier said than done.

Type Racer

If you really want to get into something that will preoccupy your mind for the next couple of hours, then Type Racer is the game for you.

In Type Racer, you’ll quickly learn what exactly it takes to be fast. Not fast in a sense of driving though, but in typing.

f the name didn’t give it away by now, in Type Racer you race with other players not like madalin stunt cars 2 but whoever finishes the small passage of writing wins. With that said, the game gives you some pretty weird passages, which makes it that much fun.

Gold Panic

Gold panic is yet another puzzle game but this one is much more interactive than the rest.

In Gold Panic, you play as a dwarf that digs holes in a mine to find, well… gold. The concept is pretty self-explanatory but you’ll quickly realize that you’ve been playing for hours.

This is one of the best games to beat the boredom as you’ll have to overcome tough challenges and obstacles along the way.


If you value your sanity then don’t play QWOP. This game isn’t scary nor is it creepy. It won’t make you crawl in a blanked crying for mommy either.

But one thing it will do, unfortunately, is makes you angry as hell. The concept of this game is simple. Your character runs by using the Q, W, O, and P keys on your keyboard.

The Q and Q keys are in charge of your left and right thighs, while the O and P are your calves.

Trust us when we say this, if you’re bored then you must try it. We highly recommend you go and play the game, just make sure to send us a screenshot when you fail after the first 100 times.

Trivia Machine

Do you love answering trivia questions? If so, then how about a game that meets all of your needs for quizzing.

Trivia Machine is possibly the best game to play if you’re into geography, music, history, science, television, and countless other topics. This game has been described by many as a must-try, and we can certainly agree with that.

You can also compete against others and see who has the better high score at the end. It’s a fun game that will quickly grow on you, and you come back for even more.


Cubefield is yet another flash game that thousands of people love. This game is hella fun and you’ll quickly immerse in the experience of racing.

The better you get, the more levels you unlock. You have to finish each race to unlock a new level, and that can sometimes take hours to achieve. The more levels you unlock, the harder the difficulty, so you’ll have to learn how to adapt to the speed.

Warmax Io

Have you ever played one of those .io games? If not, then you have to try warmax.io. The game is a eat or be eaten multiplayer online platformer that requires a lot of skill and determination to win.

Winning isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, as you’ll quickly find out how many players there actually are. Some of these dudes have played for weeks and months, so it won’t be easy at first.

Luckily for you, you got all the time in the world to beat the boredom, which should be more than enough to motivate you to win. Here’s a list of great movies to watch when bored if you’re over gaming for a bit.

Cribbage Online

Have a passion for fast-paced and engaging games? Try out Cribbage, the centuries old card-game that has a simple objective, score 121 points through a series of card combinations.

The game is available online for free, and is suitable for beginners and experts alike as the site offers rules, history, and tips on how to beat the game. Additionally, Cribbage Online features three different difficulty modes, easy, standard, and pro. Visit Cribbage Online.

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