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Top 10 Things To Draw When Bored

Do you love drawing but have no idea what to draw? For many people in the world, an easy way to kill the boredom is to draw. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of things to draw when bored. But sometimes we’re void of ideas and need a little help in figuring out what to draw next.

If this is something that is happening to you, fear not as even the biggest names in art go through fazes that see them void of ideas. However, we’re here to give you our aiding hand and tell you about the top 10 things to draw when bored. And for those just starting out or looking to improve their skills, these how-to-draw guides for beginners at BioWars can be incredibly helpful.

Not only will this help you spark up your creativity, but it will also help you get over the boredom. So, without further ado, let’s begin.


There are many fun ways to draw roses. Roses are a symbol of many things, depending on which color the particular rose is. For many, this flower symbolizes love and relationships. For others, it symbolizes family and so on.

But if drawing is your passion, then you have to try and draw a rose. Who knows, maybe it will look so good you’ll turn it into a tattoo. Make multiple drawings so you consult with your artist and choose a tattoo that’s the best fit for you. Take your time and let your creative flow.

Your Pet

It can be literary impossible to be bored when there’s a pet around the house. This is especially the case if you own a dog. Yeah, if you own a cat and you’re bored, then do believe us your cat will end being bored with you.

But a dog is a different type of cookie. A dog will do anything it can to do things with you, effectively putting an end to the boredom. But there is one more thing you can do with your dog that is both fun and creative. You can grab a piece of paper, grab a pen, and start drawing your companion.


Drawing cars is a great way to kickstart your daily creativity since it is something that everyone loves. I mean, who doesn’t love a BMW M3, right?

But regardless of the car, drawing one is a great way to beat the boredom. As a matter of fact, the first thing many begginers go for is drawing a car. So it might also work in your favor if you intend to learn how to draw.


This might be the hardest of things to draw when bored but a great way to keep yourself entertained. Space is an unknown entity for many of us. You see, not everyone gets to go to space and see it with their own eyes.

So naturally, we draw it to give it a better representation in our minds. But, as we said, it might be harder to do it if this is your first time drawing.

However, for the seasoned veteran that has had countless sketches and landscape paintings, maybe it’s time to move to outer space?

Your Favorite Cartoon Character

This one is pretty straight forward but it will most certainly keep you entertained. Drawing your favorite cartoon character is a great way to reminisce on the past and to connect with your childhood.

Lots of artists have explained this to be very true. So if you’re looking for some nostalgia, a great way to remember your childhood is to give life to Vinnie the Poh, Sponge Bob, or any other goofy and wacky cartoon character.

Try 3D

You can find tons of tips and tricks on how to draw in 3D. What 3D essentially means is drawing in three dimensions. This means giving some life to the item, object, or person in the drawing.

As you can imagine, this sounds very interesting and very fun. So that means 3D could quite possibly be the thing you’re looking for to get you over your boredom.

Unfortunately, it does take time and skill to become a master in drawing 3D. Fortunately for you, you have all the time in the world.


things to draw when bored

We doubt that the boys reading this blog post will take interest in drawing butterflies, the same as the girls and the car one, but butterflies are an excellent way to train technique.

Every butterfly is made in the same pattern. The only differences are the colors and sizes. But when drawing butterflies, the general idea is that you follow a certain pattern.

No doubt this is a great way to train your handling, and an even better way to keep yourself entertained while bored.

Try Charcoal

Charcoal isn’t something you put on a piece of paper to give it life, but you use it to give life to your drawings.

Drawing with charcoal is especially hard and difficult since you only have one color at your disposal. But not only that, charcoal is a specialized technique that takes years to become a master.

And fortunately for you, we have all the time in the world to become masters of drawing with charcoal. When taking on the challenge, do know that there is tons of information online about how to start.

Human Body

For all of you medical students out there, a great way to catch up on your studies while also doing something fun and exciting is to draw the human body.

As you might imagine, this is something far more complex than a simple stickman figure.

Drawing the human body, as you might imagine, is a rather complicated process. Not only will you have to look at tutorials, but you’ll also need to be very precise and error-less.

If you have nothing else to do and have lots of time to burn, then drawing the human body is an excellent challenge that will keep you entertained.


Drawing a smile might sound very easy, but you’ll soon realize that it’s the complete opposite.

In most cases, instead of drawing the smile of Marilyn Monroe, you’ll end up drawing the Masks. But there’s nothing to worry about as everyone miscalculates a few lines when they first try it. If still looking for inspiration, these are some good movies to watch when bored that might inspire you.

What’s important to remember is that you keep trying and keep going. This list of things to draw when bored is just an idea, endless options. If you make an error, then redo it and go again. Can you imagine how many hours it will take you to perfect this technique? That’s just about enough time to get over your boredom.

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