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Top 8 Things To Do In Halong Bay As A Solo Traveler

Halong Bay is an awesome place. It looks just like you’re in a different world, or even some kind of messed up movie set. It’s a total land of bewilderment, an area that offers great scope for relaxation, chilled time but also gives plenty of room for exploration and adventure.

Here are eight things that I think you should do at this UNESCO World Heritage Site

Get A Good Deal Done 

You will walk around Hanoi to lots of places, who will offer all kinds of deals. Always ask if the price is for a solo traveller. Another thing to do is ask which boats offer solo tours or cruises. I looked at Halong Hub to see if I could find stuff for individual travellers. I can focus my search on that site. 

You could also take a bus to Haiphong or Halong and then ask about boats going from there. You are free to do what you like, so try and make sure you get a good deal for yourself and don’t get ripped off. 

Be Aware Of Things Happening Around You and Get Prepared

If you are traveling alone, it is generally safe around Northern Vietnam. There isn’t much violence in the streets in this society. However, there are pickpockets around and con artists who sell you sub-standard services. 

Some kind of misfortune can happen to most of us. Better to be a little prepared for an unfortunate outcome. Be aware of your surroundings and be careful of what you do. Buy a SIM Card, get internet data, and make sure you keep reserves of cash and copies of documents around you and not in one place. It helps, especially in times of crisis. 

Make Friends (Wherever and Whenever, Boat Trip, Islands, City Ports)

You can make friends in the cities, or on the tours. Check out any cruise tours that are suited to independent travelers.

That way, you can enjoy Halong Bay, do what you want but also have buddies around. These buddies can be very useful, particularly when you want to do things that may require more than one person. 

Stop Off At Cat Ba Island

You usually stop off at Cat Ba Island on most Halong Bay tours and it is a definite must-see. The place is an island full of caves amid deep jungle terrain.

Have a look to see if you can also see some of the villages around Halong Bay. As a single traveler, you might be able to arrange some free time for yourself to go and explore Cat Ba Island on a bike. Be sure to go, as it is amazing.

Get Involved With the Action

When you think of Halong Bay, you can tend to think about riding around in old junk boats and just seeing the incredible UNESCO World Heritage sights and surroundings.

There’s so much more to experience nowadays though. You can go kayaking, cave exploring, and swimming during the day. You can go quid fishing, watch live music and enjoy a grand dinner at night. You can even plug in and play on some boats. Get involved and explore your extrovert nature.

Have Some Time For Me, Me, Me

Halong Bay is the perfect place to reflect. Tai Chi is available. You can meditate. You can just go swimming and sunbathe on the beach.

Gaze at the star constellations in the night sky. You are alone and in one of the most beautiful scenic spots in the world. Make the most of this and explore your introverted self. There’s no better time for this.

Indulge Yourself In A Bit Of Luxury

It’s tempting to budget a lot when traveling independently. No one knows what you are doing and you don’t need to tell anyone, and you might wanna book all the best P&O cruises 2023. However, this is your life and your holiday! 

Why not indulge in luxury from time to time? Why not take a 5* cruise, or have an overpriced spa therapy session? Enjoy a grand dining experience or exquisitely planned traditional cooking class. Remember, life, well it’s the small nice things that make things turn for the better, don’t you agree?

Get As Many Photos As You Can

It is a stunning place. You don’t know when you might come back, if ever. No one knows you are there, so you need proof.

Get as many selfies and Bluetooth pictures with people you bump into. Just make sure you get one with you and the bay to show everyone.

It’s a great time, being free to explore Halong Bay. Stay safe and enjoy yourself!

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