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Benefits of Hiring a Personal Online Cycling Coach

The best online cycling coaches will have a broad knowledge base and experience. They won’t be the strongest cyclists in the peloton (though it might help if they were!).

First, your coach will ask you to create a clear objective. This can be an event-based goal, such as completing a specific Gran Fondo or climbing to the top of a mountain.

Personalized Training Plans

Whether you are a budding junior racer with professional ambitions, a weekend warrior looking to podium in your local crit, or a masters competitor seeking to out-pace Father Time for one more season, hiring a coach will help you get the most out of your cycling. Competitive cycling is a highly skilled and technical sport that can be challenging to master.

A personal online cycling coach will provide a personalized training plan based on your objectives and goals. They will also give you feedback on your training, allowing them to adjust the program daily based on your fitness level, injuries, or other constraints.

While it is tempting to hire a coach because they are former professional cyclists, your decision should be based on their coaching skills and knowledge. The best coaches have a wealth of experience and can translate this into a successful relationship with their athletes. In addition, they will likely be insured and hold a personal trainer or coaching certification.

Nutrition Advice

When you hire a coach, you make decisions for many aspects of your training. A coach can provide helpful guidance if you need assistance with your bike fit, nutrition and hydration plan, and physiological evaluation.

For example, a coach can help you decide how to fuel your body before, during, and after a ride. Eating something with protein as your first meal 3-4 hours before a ride and prioritizing carbs over fat is important. This will allow you to stay fueled throughout the ride without making decisions and reduce the risk of gut issues during your ride.

Talking to your coach about hydration and electrolyte needs during training and racing is also important. It’s easy to forget to hydrate or consume enough during the day, so it’s best to have a plan.

Social Support

To streamline the coaching process, consider connecting with coaches through online communication and becoming a member of a Road Biking Membership. Expressing concerns and receiving feedback is essential to the relationship and can help ensure your training plan is effective.

Coaches can also provide additional information you cannot find on your own, such as research and evidence about specific training methods or nutrition strategies. This resource can reduce your cognitive load by providing you with the information you need without making additional decisions.

However, the cost and time commitment of finding a cycling coach should be considered carefully before investing in one. The first step is to ensure that you are willing to commit. Be clear about what you want from your coaching and why, and ensure that the coaching you get will bring you closer to your goal.


In a sport like cycling, where most of the training takes place in your own time, skipping workouts or dropping out of a race can be easy without a coach to hold you accountable. A coach can also help you stay focused on your goals and provide encouragement when the going gets tough.

Competitive cycling is a highly technical and skilled sport requiring meticulous attention. While learning through self-study and observation is possible, coaching can accelerate the process and make you much more likely to reach your desired goals.

When choosing a coach, be sure they have the appropriate credentials to meet your needs. Online studies and certifications are increasingly available for those looking to become coaches. This allows busy individuals the flexibility to study and test for their preferred career in health and fitness at a time that works best with their schedule.

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