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5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

New homeowners often make impulsive purchases that will add up and cost more than they bargained for. Designers have the industry knowledge to find products that fit within your budget and keep you from making costly mistakes.


Interior designers like those from Designer Premier are trained in making a space look appealing. They know which paint colors, furniture pieces and light fixtures will complement each other well. They also know materials, patterns and textures. When they see a room, they already have a picture of how it will look once finished. Their expertise is what makes them good at their jobs. They might foresee any problems that can occur during the renovation process. For instance, if the product you planned to use for your home is on backorder, an interior designer can find alternatives that will still meet your style and budget needs. This is something most people can’t do on their own.


Whether you want a space to serve as an office, home or both, an interior designer can help you design a room that reflects your personality and how you use the space. They will work with you to understand your needs and help you choose materials, fabrics and furniture that reflect your taste and lifestyle. Additionally, they will help you save money by guiding your selection of attractive and cost-effective energy-efficient windows, appliances, and lighting. Interior designers also have connections with professionals they know and trust and can often secure these services for you at a better value than on the high street. This can save you valuable time and stress. Also, they can often find items that are hard to come by in your area.


Interior designers are professional at their craft and have spent years in school, apprenticeships and practicing on real jobs before working on your home. As a result, they know how to assess your space and create an action plan immediately. Designers are also great at resolving any issues during the project. For example, if a planned product is out of stock, a good interior designer will know how to pivot and find something that still fits your vision, style and budget. Doing this can save time and money on mistakes and achieve the desired outcome. This is especially true for larger projects, where the decorator, landscaper and contractor must be on the same page.


The cost of hiring an interior designer can vary, depending on many factors. While some designers work for a fixed rate or on a percentage basis, others charge by the hour. A professional will know how to make your design ideas a reality with a minimal budget. They have a network of contractors and suppliers that they use regularly for the best prices. They also understand that reupholstering an existing chair can be much cheaper than purchasing a new one. They’ll even save the planet a little by using eco-friendly furniture. And if you plan on selling your home in the future, an interior designer will help boost your property value. They’ll make it livable and lovable so that more people will be drawn to it.


Designers have a natural creativity that they can harness to give you a space that feels like you. They can help you sort through heaps of inspiration and create a design plan that will make sense for your space.

Designers are also adept at handling product sourcing and coordinating with vendors. If you run into a problem (like when one of your planned light fixtures went on back order), they’ll pivot and find a replacement that fits your vision, style, and budget. Interior designers also understand building codes, regulations, and ADA compliance. This can save you time and headaches, especially with commercial renovations and condo/co-op spaces with strict guidelines.

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