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3 Popular Herbs Used in Global Cultures

From the dawn of time – or so it seems – humans have been fascinated by plants and the effects those plants and herbs can offer when smoked.

Although tobacco and cannabis are likely to be the first things that come to mind in the western world when you think about what you can smoke, the truth is that in the wider world, there are dozens of different options. Even cannabis alone can be processed into various products, including with a diy rosin press that anyone can buy. Below are some of the most popular herbs used around the globe that you might want to try out.


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Historically, mullein was used as a lung tonic, as it is known to soothe coughing, making anyone who is sick a lot more comfortable. When you smoke mullein, you might not get any flavor at all; it is extremely mild and light, and can be a great starter herb for those looking to get into more unusual smoking options.

As with all the herbs on this list, you can easily use rosin press machines to make your coins and ensure you get the full effect of each herb.

This fuzzy-leafed plant, which is regarded by some as a weed, grows easily from seeds placed straight in the garden in the spring. It does best in full sun and on well-drained, somewhat fertile soil. You’ll need to water it regularly as a seedling, but it can survive dry spells once it’s established.


Despite its slightly scary-sounding name, skullcap is a popular herb around the world with some very positive properties, the first of which is the calming effect it offers when it is smoked. Although it might not have much of a flavor, the results are enough to soothe stress and anxiety, and many people don’t mind that it tastes of nothing much because of this.

Skullcap, a perennial that grows to a height of about a foot, is a lovely choice for a garden, even if you don’t intend to smoke it. Start seeds indoors in the spring, then when the weather is warm enough, transplant the seedlings to a spot with plenty of sunlight and rich soil. In dry weather, skullcap needs water once a week. Each autumn, trim the dead leaf down to the ground.


Would it surprise you to hear that mint is a popular herb to smoke? The reason is its flavor. We’ve talked about how some herbs don’t impart much flavor at all, and their calming effects mean that people smoke them anyway.

However, with the addition of some mint, you can have the best of both worlds; a calming, soothing herb that tastes great too.

Growing mint from seed is more difficult than starting with a potted plant or a clump from an already established patch.

In order to flourish, plants require either partial shade or rich, moist soil. The mint plant can spread rapidly in the garden, especially if it is planted near water; therefore, it is best to keep it in a container. When fall comes, make sure you trim the dead parts to allow healthier shoots to grow.

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