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These Welland Neighborhoods Have The Best Local Parks

Welland, Ontario, is a tinier city in the Niagara Region’s south-central area. This city is only half an hour away from the well-known Niagara Falls. It is a famous area to live in for individuals who want to be in the center of it all. 

Welland is best known for its picturesque waterways, including the Welland River and the Welland Canal, which highlight a stretch of waters where residents can sublet boats and enjoy the summer sun.

This city has various green neighborhoods with some fantastic parks. SaveMax real estate in Welland listings showcases many properties around these areas. If you want to move to Welland in an area surrounded by local parks, here are some of the best neighborhoods.


Dain City

Dain City arguably has some of the best views of the Canal in Welland. It has an atmosphere similar to a lakeside cottage. It is located at the south end of Welland, where the two canals meet.

Welland’s Downtown core is close — about a ten-minute drive to the north — and you’ll find many stores and restaurants here.

The City of Port is further south. You can get there within 15 minutes by car to enjoy the beaches and restaurants or visit the natural attractions. Most houses in Dain City are just a few steps away from the waterfront, and many residents enjoy its quietness and calm vibe.

Glenwood Park is among the most beautiful parks in Dain City, where many large properties lie. The tall, mature trees give this area a more suburban look. Jaxon Ingles Park features splash pads and many playgrounds for children. There is also a large pavilion there, clean bathrooms, and many other amenities. You can also enjoy some basketball or go for a picnic.

South Pelham

In northwestern Welland, there is an excellent neighborhood for families — South Pelham. Many parks and schools surround the community, including the district’s top-ranked elementary school, the Gordon Public School. Students and high schoolers also have good opportunities in this region, primarily at the Welland Centennial Secondary School and the Notre Dame College School.

The various community amenities make South Pelham among the best family neighborhoods in Welland. Families can go out and enjoy the green and quiet scenery with ease. There are also tons of nearby grocery stores that make for convenient shopping.

The beautiful Bridlewood Park is located in the center of South Pelham and the large Woodlawn Park in the north. Maple Park and Glen Park are close to each other, and families can rejoice in the many playgrounds and sports fields available there.

The Maple Park Pool is an excellent place for swimming and offers many interactive water games. The Steve Bauer Trail that runs through the neighborhood is a great perk for active families.

If you want to do some jogging, go for a picnic, or walk the dogs, these parks have it all! Recreational activities are essential for families, and South Pelham provides them in spades.

Chippawa Park

Chippawa Park is another green Welland neighborhood. The central park, Chippawa, is huge and hosts many features. There are over 40 playgrounds situated here, and the park stretches for around 404.01 hectares across the city. 

Children, young adults, and seniors will love this park due to its many playgrounds, picnic areas, splash pads, and more. There are many clean public restrooms and washrooms available for everyone.

You can also do some jogging or go on a bike ride easily. Dogs are allowed as long as they are on a leash, as the park is more family oriented.

There are many restaurants and public schools surrounding the neighborhood as well. Some of them include Katherine Residence, Fitch Street Public School, Ross Public School, and others. The Welland River is also close to this neighborhood, and Chippawa Park also has an incredible 81/100 livability score.

Welland South

Welland South has three main parks worth visiting, Welland Dog Park, Broadway Park, and Saint George Park. The Welland Dog Park is located near the canal and has many trails for puppies and their owners to enjoy some well-deserved outdoor activities. Dogs can take a swim, meet other canine friends, and enjoy their off-leash time. 

On the opposite end of Broadway Street is Broadway Park, where families can go out for some outdoor activities. Here, you can enjoy the park’s beautiful scenery, let the children have some fun on the playgrounds, read a book in quietness, or do some jogging. 

Saint George Park is a bit farther away from Broadway street. However, this park has a couple of swimming pools with water slides, a gazebo with picnic benches, and swings. It’s an excellent place for children of all ages and adults to have fun.

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