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The Bottle Battle: Aluminum vs Plastic Bottle

Since the beginning, we have known that plastic is dangerous for our environment, it can significantly contribute to pollution thus damaging the environment. But though we have known about the dangerous side effects of plastic, it does not change anything.

Plastic is still used for anything, most widely for product packaging such as water bottles. A plastic water bottle can clog the waterways, making the landfill overflowing with rubbish, and even some of that trash could be flowing into the ocean –thus affecting marine life.

Plastic Bottles

According to the research by WWF, each year more than 8 million tonnes of plastic are poured into our oceans because the landfill capacity is not enough anymore.

This is why, it is not uncommon anymore to hear or read news regarding marine mammals washed up on the beach, and died with a stomach full of trash. This is a bad situation because it can endanger every living species –including humans.

Customers weren’t aware that the water bottles they bought, which seems easy and convenient, are something that will accelerate the ruin of our world.

This is because a single plastic water bottle is not as easy to degrade, it can take up to more than 400 years before it is completely gone! Recycling is also not a solution, seeing that it’s not always the option. Plastic products come from different materials, and each type –is sometimes not as easy or healthy to be recycled.

Can you imagine how many plastic bottles in the whole world will wind up in landfills? Well, our guess is that it is too many to count! Global plastic pollution is a concern. And yes, the statistics are heartbreaking.

What can we do to control plastic pollution?

We can troubleshoot this problem by starting to look for other materials suitable to replace plastic. One of the most suited replacements is aluminum. Aluminum is the best material to utilize if we want to start limiting and controlling plastic pollution.

The reason why we have turned to aluminum is that it can be recycled an endless number of times. Although manufacturing aluminum will produce a larger carbon footprint than when producing plastic, there is still another contributing factor that makes aluminum stand out more than the others. Read on below to find what is the benefit of starting using aluminum products instead of plastic.

Why choose aluminum?

Aluminum is recyclable

When your aluminum tools or product is not useful anymore, you don’t have to throw it out immediately. You can try to find your local recycling service which can help you on this matter. Keep in mind that aluminum is one of the most recyclable commodities. We can recycle it over and over again, but the quality is not going to diminish!

Sustainable product

Aluminum is also way more sustainable than plastic! It can degrade faster and easier if you compare it with plastic which needs more than 400 years to do so. On top of that, to make aluminum we also only need less energy than we do for plastic!

Thus preferring to utilize aluminum rather than plastic will definitely help our environment in the long run.

Price is relative

From the business perspective, many manufacturers are worried about changing their products from plastic to aluminum because of the cost-related matter.

The truth is, though if you compare it with plastic, aluminum is a bit more expensive -if you compare it with other materials such as stainless steel, for example, the cost won’t be as expensive. Thus, it is safe to say that the aluminum price is relative.

Safer to use in a long term

Aluminum bottles don’t release hazardous or damaging compounds into the air or your body. When you drink from an aluminum bottle, you will digest clean plain water which is not contaminated with any carcinogen.

On the other hand plastic bottles have been shown to leak toxic substances into the liquids they contain, especially when heated.

Where can you find an aluminum water bottle manufacturer?

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