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Top 8 Famous Hat Styles for Men

Hats have situated themselves as one of the best fashion accessories for men. From fedora hats to cowboy hats, snapbacks to baseball caps, men’s hats are functional, versatile, attractive, one of the most stylish additions to the wardrobe. They are suitable and practical for any season. Sun, rain, cold, or snow, the hats will never fail to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable. 

Also, hats are great for both formal and casual events. Most men wear hats to increase their personality and look. However, the hats are also highly effective due to their functional properties. 

But choosing the perfect hats for men is undoubtedly a daunting task. Not only do you need to consider the shape of your face and the color of your skin, but also your personality. Therefore, you need to know about different hats to choose the perfect one. Here are the top 8 famous hat styles for men. 

Fedora Hats

Even though many people either love or hate the fedora hats, they have stood the test of time. The fedora hats were the primary choice of gangsters back in the 1930s. After that, the popularity diminished until 2000, when people started loving the fedora hats again. Fedora hats are arguably one of the most popular hats for men. Today, the wide-brimmed fedora hats for men are gaining much traction due to their functionality and attractiveness. Therefore, they are an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Even though fedora hats are available in various colors and sizes, it’s suggested to choose hats that come with medium widths and neutral tones. They are perfect for both formal and casual events. 

Trilby Hats

The trilby hats are often confused with the fedora hats. This is because the design of trilby hats is almost identical to the fedora hats. The trilby hats are made of straw or tweed, perfect for the summer months. Trilby hats feature a taller crown and a smaller brim. This means that you can wear them quickly during summer and spring. The crown of the trilby hats is taller than the fedora hats. Instead of pulling forward to protect your face, you should wear the trilby hats at the back of your head. The trilby hats serve as the fashion statement rather than their functional properties. They are the primary choice of hats of the upper class and different boy bands, including Justin Timberlake. You can also spot the trilby hats at many horse racing events. 

Panama Hats

Coming third on our list is the Panama hats. The Panama hats will look highly attractive when combined with a beach backdrop and white t-shirt. The Panama hats are known as one of the most traditional brimmed hats.

They hail from Ecuador and are perfect for the summer months. The Panama hats are essential fashion accessories for tropical and seaside destinations. However, remember that Panama hats are not designed to be worn during winter. They are lightweight and highly breathable. Therefore, the Panama hats will keep your head cool during the summer months. 

Bowler Hats

If you’re planning to purchase hats that showcase the traditional British styles, you need to consider the bowler hats. Even though bowler hats were not famous, they were introduced to the public by notable actors such as Curly Howard, Charlie Chaplin, and John Cleese. The bowler hats are made of felt.

Therefore, they are complex and commonly known as derby hats. The bowler hats feature narrow brims. This hat is trendy amongst both middle-class and upper-class people. However, keep in mind that bowler hats are not designed for casual parties. Therefore, make sure you wear them only at formal events. Do you want high-quality, attractive, and functional hats? Make sure you visit American Hat Company

Cowboy Hats

This is another most popular hat for men. The cowboy hats will make you look bold and professional and protect you from various outdoor elements. The cowboy hats are often referred to as western hats. When you wear cowboy hats at formal events, you will undoubtedly stand apart from the crown. The cowboy hats will protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. As per Cancer Research UK, UV rays cause skin cancer.

Additionally, they are waterproof. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about water damage problems. Make sure you choose proper outfits for the cowboy hats. Remember that the care and maintenance process of the cowboy hats is time-consuming. Hence, make sure you apply adequate cleaning methods. Additionally, the cowboy hat etiquettes are something you need to consider. This will determine your professionalism and respect toward others. 

Top Hats

No other pieces of headwear are as sophisticated and dominating as the top hats. Many people assume that top hats are incredibly long. However, you don’t need to choose something as long as the top hat of Abraham Lincoln.

A stylish and shorter top hat will undoubtedly help you stand apart in the crowd. These flat-crowned, tall, and wide-brimmed hats are considered high-class dressing. If you’re searching for fancy headwear for your next party, you need to consider the top hats. 

Boater Hats

The boater is another important summer hat for men. Boater hats are one of the most famous hats men purchase for the summer months. The boater hat features a ribbon around the crown. The boater hats gained popularity in the early 20th century.

Often worn by high-class people, nowadays the boater hats are a rare sartorial sight. The boater hats should be your primary choice if you want to rock your fashion sense during the summer months. They are the best alternative to the fedora and Panama hats. These wide-brimmed and flat-topped hats are made of straw. Hence, they come with high breathability. 

Baseball Cap

From dad hats to snapbacks, you can never underestimate the variations of the baseball caps. However, perhaps the most attractive baseball cap is the classic one. Baseball caps started their journey as simple adjustable straps that are perfect for baseball players. Nowadays, they are more of a fashion statement instead of a piece of sports headwear. The baseball caps will look attractive if you pair them with proper outfits. 


These are the top 8 famous hat styles for men. Make sure you pay close attention while choosing the hats. Perfect hats will undoubtedly help you improve your fashion statement. However, choosing the wrong hats won’t serve its purpose. 

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