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Top 5 Things to Know About Chartering a Yacht

Life is manic and stressful. 

Between children, pets, spouses, work, and life, it is easy to forget to take time to decompress and enjoy life. We’re not supposed to neglect ourselves, but that is sometimes just a side effect of living in the modern world.

Getting away from the hustle and bustle is a necessity, and vacations are getting a revamp! Gone are the days of simple beach trips or camping adventures; busy lives deserve fantastic vacations. 

Think overseas trips, boutique hotels with too many stars, and the ultimate in luxury vacations – yacht charters.

Before sailing off into the sunset, there are five crucial things you need to know about chartering a yacht:

Destination Selection

First-timers should choose a classic destination in a popular location such as the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. Exotic locations should be kept for the more experienced charter guests. 

If you choose a remote destination, the travel time increases, which can suck a lot of fun out of the trip, especially if some of your guests get seasick.

Choose a well-known location; there will be more yachts to choose from and lots more to do.

Respect The Crew

The crew members ensure you and your guests have a safe, memorable trip.

As a responsible guest, you must inform your crew of any dietary requirements or special needs that you or your guests may have. 

Treat the crew respectfully, notify them if anything gets damaged on board, and always follow instructions and safety regulations.

Leave A Tip

If you have a fantastic time on board and you feel that the crew deserves it, leave a big tip before disembarking. 

Most yacht crews rely on tips to make the job worthwhile, so if they’ve worked their tails off to keep you and your guests happy – show them how much you appreciate it.

Some yachts have a tip built into the fee – but check on first, where this information and anything else you may need to know is readily available.

Follow The Rules

Traveling on a yacht doesn’t mean you can do whatever you please.

Although you and your friends are on holiday, that doesn’t mean you can run rampant on an expensive yacht. Ask for a list of rules you will be expected to follow while on board – and stick to them.

All yachts have their own policies, so check before bringing your dog or children on board. Most of the time, allowances can be made for some things but not others. Smoking, for example, is not commonly allowed on all areas of a boat, and some charters don’t allow it at all.

Ask before you book; that way, you can avoid conflict or disappointment.

No Shoes

Most yachts do not allow shoes to be worn on board.

Shoes are prohibited because they can damage flooring and carpets or contaminate the boat. That is why there is a “no shoes” rule, with the only exception being boat shoes with soft, clean soles.

Check the rules on the yacht you want to charter, as each has its own set. Some yachts are stricter than others. Think of this rule as a holiday for your feet!

To End

Sailing is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. By following these five simple tips above, you can help ensure that your vacation is filled with nothing but wonderful memories.

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