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The Top Things to Do in Princeville Kauai

Kauai, a lush green island situated in the midst of the Pacific Ocean, lures visitors from across the globe. Kauai is a part of the Hawaiian archipelago.

To explore this mesmerizing ‘Garden Island,’ you need to obtain an ESTA visa. In case you are not aware of ESTA, it is an electronic system for a travel authorization. It is a compulsory travel authorization for tourists intending to visit the United States by Sea or Air for business visits or tourism.

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So, if you are planning to indulge in the tropical beauty of Kauai, apply for ESTA as soon as possible.

Things to do in Princeville Kauai

Princeville, Hawaii Weather

Being a tropical island, Kauai is warm throughout the year. Princeville is no exception to this. The typical weather in Princeville is warm, with clear blue skies.

However, it receives slightly more rainfall than other regions of Kauai. This makes Princeville and the adjoining area of Hanalei greener and scenic.

Princeville can experience rains on any given day. But it precipitates mostly around December and January. The period from May to July is comparatively drier.

The ideal time to visit Princeville is from May to mid-October for indulging yourself in a tropical atmosphere. It gets hotter here as November approaches, and in contrast, it is cold in January.

How many days can be spent in Kauai?

First-time visitors typically spend 4 days to a week in Kauai. The entire island can be toured in 2 days, but visitors may want to spend more time as there several attractions in Kauai.

The Waimea Canyon is the chief attraction in Kauai. The cascading waterfall is encased by cliffs that are dramatically red. The deep forest stands out in gorgeous green.

Similarly, the least accessible coast of Na Pali is adorned by high cliffs, lush vegetation, and scenic waterfalls. Owing to the remoteness, this coast is teeming with diverse plants. The dark volcanic rocks have morphed into incredible shapes by weathering.

One of Kauai’s highlights are the clean and picturesque beaches. Poipu Beach is popular with tourists and locals.

Besides the panoramic sceneries, Kauai beaches offer a plethora of sports activities like snorkelling, kayaking, and surfing. However, it is crucial to the current conditions before trying out any activities.

Kauai Sunrise Time

Owing to the incredible beaches, Kauai has some spots that offer spectacular sunrises and sunsets. And this is perhaps the simplest way to enjoy the view of nature.

In May, the sun rises at approximately anywhere from 05:55 a.m. to 6:05 a.m. In comparison, the sun sets at 19:04 to 19:17 approximately.

The timings for sunrise in October are around 06:30 to 06:41 and 18:24 to 18:01 for sunsets.

The renowned Poipu Beach offers a ‘painting-like’ view of sunsets and sunrises. At the same time, the Kaapa Beach Park and Anahola Bay showcase vibrant dusks and dawns.

Things to Do in Kauai When it Rains

  1. Zipline

Nothing better than zipping through a rain forest when it is raining. The enthralling experience will leave you drenched when you get off the line. Koloa zipline and Skyline Hawaii are famous Ziplining tours.

  1. Explore Delicacies

Discover and indulge yourself in exotic delicacies. You can taste the exotic seafood, Hawaiian dishes, or even pizzas and Sushi.

  1. Spas

Take some time off from the adventurous activities and indulge yourself in face packs and massages. The spas in Kauai offer Hawaiian healing along with soaking tubs, Finnish saunas, and steams.

  1. Take a long drive

There is always something new to be explored on a tropical island. So, get behind the wheel and explore the tropical paradise.

  1. Visit a Museum

Kauai Museum has a well-arrayed portrayal of Kauai culture and history. The guided tour of the natural history museum will take you through the history of Kauai to becoming a state of the U.S.

The ‘Garden Island’ has earned its name as it boasts of some unique plant life. The island is a paradise for tourists who have an affinity for nature and adventure.

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Citizens of United States do not need an ESTA as they can travel throughout the States with their passport.

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So, this is the right time to renew your ESTA or apply for it. Visit the ESTA website to know the details for application and eligibility.

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