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Tropical Paradise Vacation Spots – 25+ Ideas!

There’s nothing quite like visiting a random tropical paradise for your vacation.

A tropical island vacation on white sand beaches to let your worries wash away with the waves. Everything seems better in the sunshine and salty air, especially as you lounge by the seaside. Maybe even with a good book or a cold drink in hand as time passes slowly.

This is a great starting point for you to find your ideal tropical paradise to spend your next vacation. You’ll quickly realize that there is no shortage of destinations if you’re in the mood for something tropical.

Before you start doing research about Cayman Islands long term house rentals, have a look at the list below. There are some tropical paradises you’ve surely not thought of. Good chance you’ll still end up on the Cayman Islands but consider your options first.

Every beach around the world brings something new to the table, so first you must decide on what you want. Adventure or relaxation? White sand beaches or cascading cliff sides? A cheap tropical vacation or luxurious splurge to never forget?

Seychelles is a tropical island paradise

To help you decide, I’ve categorized some of the most popular tropical destinations around the world. One of these paradises is sure to fit the bill for your next beach vacation. Looking for tropical islands for a family holiday, Caribbean islands, a luxurious trip to paradise or a cheap tropical vacation? Whatever you’re looking for, the list of tropical paradises below has something for you.

Tropical Island Paradises

Blue ocean waters are even more striking when the waves are crashing onto white sand. This contrasting blue on white makes for the perfect photo op, especially when you book your flight to one of these tropical islands with white sand beaches. We’ve listed our favorites,

Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is a top honeymoon destination around the world. The best beach here for a romantic getaway – or even a trip with the whole family – is Grace Bay. The shallow clear waters are perfect for snorkeling, or you can just lounge around on the white sands all day. 

Lampedusa, Italy

Lampedusa is located in the Mediterranean Sea just south of the Italian mainland. In addition to its reputation as a nesting spot for marine turtles, Lampedusa is known for a paradise beach. Some say that Rabbit Beach is among the world’s most stunning beaches.

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Situated between the northeastern Australian coast and the Great Barrier Reef, there is no sight quite like Whitsunday, a chain of 74 islands and islets. The must-see spot here is Whitehaven Beach, where white sands can be seen in swirling patterns just beneath the water’s surface. If Australia is on your mind, here is a list of 25 of the best beaches to choose from.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Lots of backpackers travelling through Southeast Asia plan on making a quick stop in Langkawi, an island off the northwestern coast in Malaysia. It becomes apparent that a quick stop isn’t nearly enough, and many travelers extend their time on the pristine island. Do yourself a favor by allotting at least a week or two in this Malaysian tropical paradise.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s up-and-coming travel destinations. It’s easily accessible, has a low cost of living and gets fewer visitors than nearby Thailand. Quiet and peaceful, Phu Quoc is about an hour from Ho Chi Minh City by plane and offers a chilled out atmosphere with a variety of great beaches.

Praslin, Seychelles

The palm-fringed beaches of Seychelles’ Praslin are loved by travelers from around the world. This makes complete sense with a combination of emerald waters, lush greenery, and white sand beaches. A lot of travelers stay on the biggest island of Seychelles, Mahé, but I definitely recommend making the easy trip to nearby Praslin.

Destin, Florida

OK, so Florida isn’t technically an island, but the relaxed town of Destin needs to be included on this list nonetheless. The beaches here lie on the Gulf of Mexico and compare to any tropical paradise in the world. 

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos might not be for everyone since it has quite the party scene. If you’re in search of random natural beauty, you’ll love it here. Some travellers say that the most beautiful beach here is Paraga Beach. 

Caribbean islands are a tropical paradise

Caribbean Islands to Chill Out

North Americans with just 2 weeks of vacation might not want to spend two full days of traveling for their tropical getaway. Islands in the Caribbean are just as beautiful as tropical paradises across the globe. Not only are Caribbean islands stunning, some of them offer the perfect chill out atmosphere.


Grenada is an island country comprised of 7 islands total, located just northwest of Trinidad and Tobago. The largest of these is actually called Grenada, a Caribbean paradise at its finest. Visitors say that Grand Anse Beach is the top chill out spot, but if you’re up for some rainforest chillin’ make the easy trek to Seven Sisters Waterfall.

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Many consider the Corn Islands off the coast of Nicaragua the definition of a remote and random paradise. With no roads and no cars, Little Corn Island is as chill as you can possibly get. It’s larger sister island, Big Corn, has a lot more to keep you busy. But if all you want is a chill island vibe, Little Corn is the better option. Here are some Nicaraguan facts to get you better acquainted with this wonderful country.

Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

If you plan to visit Grenada, you might as well make a stop in nearby Trinidad and Tobago. The smaller of the two islands, Tobago, is home to Pigeon Point Heritage Park, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean .

Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda

Barbuda and its sister island of Antigua are located in the eastern Caribbean close to the Atlantic. Barbuda’s Pink Sand Beach is the unique spot to kick back and relax. There are lots of things to do in Antigua besides just the beach.

Salt Cay, Turks and Caicos

You can’t get more chilled out than an island that only has 60 inhabitants. Locals of Turks and Caicos say that Salt Cay has 2 speeds: slow and stop. There isn’t much going on here, which is perfect for the mellow vibe you’ve been craving.

Grand-Terre, Guadeloupe

The Caribbean archipelago of Guadeloupe is made up of about a dozen islands. The 2 main islands, Grand-Terre and Basse-Terre, are both unique in their own ways. However, if you’re just wanting to chill out, head to Grand-Terre. Basse-Terre is better if you’re hoping for some hiking adventures. 

cheap tropical paradise vacations in Bali

Cheap Tropical Vacation Destinations

Visiting paradise doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. If you want to spend your vacation in a tropical haven but you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry about it. There is still a way to make your dreamy paradise vacay possible. Especially true if you opt for one of these cheap tropical vacation spots.

Bali, Indonesia

The good news is that Bali isn’t considered luxurious when it comes to cost. In fact, Bali is a cheap tropical vacation spot but without the cost. You can find a villa decked out to the nines for a decent price, and don’t even get me started on the food options here. Everything from the beaches to the bars to the villas is world class and the value per dollar is world class.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta isn’t an island, but it is still considered to be a tropical paradise. Not only can you find paradise here along Mexico’s Pacific coast, but you won’t break the bank doing it. Not to mention it is home to some of the best surfing spots in the country.

Palawan Island, Philippines

The Philippines in general is known for its budget-friendliness and the island of Palawan is no exception. It offers some of the cheapest diving in the world. You can easily have the adventure of a lifetime while also staying in budget.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

If you choose to stay at a random 5-star resort in Punta Cana, it might not be the cheapest place to visit. But if you browse around and book early, you can do a trip to this Dominican Republic paradise for cheap.

Koh Lanta, Thailand

If a flight to Thailand is within your budget, there is no island quite like Koh Lanta. It has been called “Thailand’s barefoot chic island” since it is chic with a hippy vibe. This southern island in the Krabi province is nothing like its neighbors, other than the fact that you can get by without spending much.

Pearl Islands, Panama

This group of islands is located about 20 miles west of Panamanian coast, and it is as cheap as dirt (or should I say sand?). You can rent a private place on the beach for as little as $10 a day and everything else is just as inexpensive. Learn some facts about Panama, it’s a special country.

Goa, India

Travelling to India might not be on everyone’s bucket list, but reading up on Goa could change your mind. This small southwestern state of India has a hippie vibe, beautiful beaches, and costs next to nothing to visit.

Maldives is a luxurious tropical paradise

Luxurious Tropical Paradise Vacation Spots

After months and months of hard work, it is completely acceptable to want to splurge a bit on vacation. Vacation days only roll around every once in a while, so go ahead and treat yourself. You can do that when you book a flight to one of these luxurious tropical destinations.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora, a small island in French Polynesia, is a mission to get to, but the journey is well worth it. It is surrounded by smaller islets, a bright turquoise lagoon, and lively coral reefs that are a diver’s dream. And of course, there are plenty of white sand beaches around the island. If budget isn’t a question, Bora Bora is a great choice.

Cocoa Island, Maldives

Anyone not into diving might want to skip ahead to the next destination. But if you’re an avid diver and willing to spend some cash on it, Cocoa Island is where it’s at. The island is so small that there is only one resort – the luxurious COMO – and most people come here specifically to dive.

Song Saa, Cambodia

Few things are more luxurious than your own private island. When you make the trip to Song Saa, Cambodia you get just that. You’ll still be able to meet strangers as you walk along the beach here since the island is home to a private 5-star resort. Song Saa not only offers luxury, but does so using eco friendly and sustainable practices.

Princeville, Hawaii

This list would not be complete without at least one Hawaiian paradise. Princeville in Kauai is the epitome of luxury, and this is even more true when you stay at the 5-star Princeville Kauai Resort. You’ll be treated like royalty for the duration of your stay.

Fowl Cay, Bahamas

The tiny Bahamian island of Fowl Cay in the Exumas is home to just one resort. Staying at Fowl Cay Resort will cost you a pretty penny, but it is island living at its finest (and most luxurious). There are 6 private villas to choose from where you’ll experience complete seclusion.

Mustique Island, West Indies

Last on my list of luxurious tropical vacation spots is Mustique Island in the West Indies. It is a private island known for its white sand beaches, horseback riding, and exquisite private villas. The vibe of Mustique isn’t for everyone, but it perfect if you’re wanting to be pampered.

Final thoughts on these Tropical Paradises

In closing, whatever your budget there is a tropical paradise spot ready for your next vacation. These tropical vacation destinations are just the tip of the iceberg but a great start. If you haven’t traveled that much before it’s recommend you try some of these first. They are popular tropical paradise destinations for good reason so enjoy. Just remember, pack your sunscreen and set aside lots of time for just laying on the beach…

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